COSUBE: The Space Bringing Together Coffee, Surfing and Beer

I’d wake up, drink coffee, I’d surf and then I would have a beer. I said, “Cosube.” That was
kind of where it came from. (upbeat rock music) My name’s Alex Morris and I’m the owner of Cosube surf shop. It’s really been part of my
life since my earliest memories. I was surfing with one of my good friends. I just noticed every time we went, there was more and more
surfers in the water than I’d ever seen surfing in Oregon. And on the way home, I
just said, “You know what, if we opened a surf shop concept
in the center of Portland, I think it’d be really successful.” I kinda said to myself, “I’m
gonna write this business plan, ’cause I think this place needs it.” We’re a retail clothing store
that has surf lifestyle. You drive by or walk by
Cosube and you may say, like, “Oh, I’m not a surfer. I
don’t wanna go in there ’cause I don’t surf. I like coffee.” So you can pop in, have a cup of coffee and then you realize this is
a pretty welcoming environment and you may like a lot
of the clothing we have and this may be just your new spot to check out new clothes and hang out. And then we are a full-service surf shop. We have lots of boards for sale. We rent surfboards and rent wet suits. You can do them online,
so you can even reserve it for any day in the future from your phone. And then you just pick it up. We have an in-house shaping bay. (upbeat rock music)
(air compressor hissing) We have shapers come through
regularly, cut down boards. You can sit and drink a
latte or a pint of beer and watch a board get made.
We also do shaping lessons, so if you actually wanna shape yourself, you can sign up for a
lesson, learn all the basics of shaping, and then you
can buy a blank from us and just rent the bay and
hobby a board out yourself. And then when you’re finished,
we’ll get it glassed for you and you can surf your own board. It was, how do we blend this
off-the-coast urban lifestyle with an adventure component
that people are doing to get out to actually go in the surf? We hope that we can create
that home for people here. I wanna run my business
for as long as I can. For me, success is just,
can this place be the home that it is to me to a lot of
other people and sustain that. (dramatic rock music)

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