Clare Balding’s designer wine pattern dress – Would I Lie to You?

After accidentally spilling red wine
on my dress on the way to Ascot, I deliberately spilt more wine on it and pretended it was
part of the pattern. David’s team? So where was the initial spillage?
In my lap. And how did you spill red wine? Because we were being driven to
Royal Ascot, and… So it was just normal car wine? No, I’d brought some wine because I thought it would be a good way
to start the day. Yeah. Drinking?
..and unfortunately… Drinking in the car? Yes. And I couldn’t turn back because I was meant to be
presenting a trophy. Did anybody comment on it
during the day? Actually, somebody told me
they thought it was… “How very modern,”
someone said to me. I said, “Oh, yes, it came from…” And I named a designer that
I thought was kind of fashionable. Merlot. It came from Merlot, yeah. How did you put the wine on? In a straw… A straw? Yeah. Just take a mouthful… You drink your wine with a straw? I was trying not to spill it on me,
but it didn’t work. That’s a horrible image, isn’t it? Clare Balding, ten o’clock in the
morning, on her way to the races… “What, I’m a presenter!
No, I will not!” “Ugh, blooming heck,
it’s all over me!” “Do us a favour,
pour all that over me dress.” APPLAUSE
That’s just about it, yeah. If you had been drinking the wine
from a straw initially… To try not to spill it on myself. did you spill it? Unfortunately, didn’t get the straw
back into the bottle. Why did you remove it
from the bottle, having put it in? I don’t know! Because when you put a straw in,
you then leave the straw. You don’t say, OK, now… Listen,
it doesn’t reflect well on me. This is a day
I would rather have forgotten. But this also must have been a
special straw that you had, because it must have been long to get to
the bottom of the bottle of wine. Well, I didn’t want to drink
a whole bottle. You’re now telling me
it’s a full bottle of wine! With a straw?! This is getting
worse, I thought it was a miniature. It was a smaller bottle,
a little… You know. Oh, that’s better.
It wasn’t the… “Aww, it’s gone. “Stop here at Threshers, driver. “Stop here. “I’ll need five straws,
I need to link them.” “Oh, that’s good!” I’m not proud, I’m not proud, because unfortunately that is quite
an accurate reflection of that day. So, was Clare telling the truth,
did it happen? Victoria? I… It’s sort of insane,
but I want to say true. What do you think? I don’t… I refuse to believe that. I think it’s true. Saying true.
Clare Balding, truth or lie? It’s a lie.

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