Champagne vs. Sparkling Wine 101: What’s the difference?

Yep – still cold outside. I think I’ll stay right here
in the warmth of my own home and if I want something cool, crisp and refreshing, I’ll reach for a bottle of sparkling wine or maybe some Champagne! Wait… I see that look on your face: You thought they were the same thing, right? Well don’t worry. I’ll show you what the difference is
on today’s Quick Sips. Champagne is a sparkling wine,
but not all sparkling wine is Champagne. Are you confused? Here’s the deal: Sparkling wine can be made anywhere in the world
and from any kind of grape or fruit. Champagne can only come from one
place – the Champagne region of France. and it’s gotta be made according
to some very strict laws including what kind of grapes go in here and how long these bottles age before they’re sold. Making true French Champagne is a very
time and labor-intensive process. Everything is done by hand and it takes
years to produce a single bottle. That’s often why they’re so pricey. Back in the day, wine makers from around the world used to call their sparkling wine Champagne… but these days it’s a matter of respect:
You don’t call your wine, “Champagne” unless its Champagne! Other parts of the world have their own sparkling wines. They call them something different.
for example in Germany they call it, Sekt. In Spain, they call it “Cava,” which means “cave.”
It’s one of my favorite wines. This one right here is from
my home state of Pennsylvania! The bubbles in a sparkling wine can say a lot
about the quality of the wine itself. Typically in a nicer bottle you’re gonna find more bubbles, they’re going to be smaller, and they’re going to be smoother. In France, they refer to this is the “Mousse,”
and the finer the wine, the finer the Mousse will be. Good thing I have my Moose glass here! Here’s a little piece of trivia for you: In certain Champagne houses
they actually count the number of bubbles in the bottle to make sure that
they’re upholding a certain quality standard. If you can’t afford a nice bottle of Champagne,
don’t worry… because they’re making awesome sparkling wine
all over the world. oftentimes using the same methods and the
same traditions as they do in Champagne. In order to get the best sparkling wines
look for these terms on the bottle: Methode Champenoise or Methode Traditionnelle. OK. That’s enough talking. It’s time to start drinking! Before I go I have one more thing to say: Let’s throw out the old, antiquated notion that you have to put your sparkling wines in a champagne flute. Just put ’em in a regular size wine glass
because, well, it fits more wine! This Pennsylvania Sparkling Wine
sure has a fine mousse! Now you know the difference between
Sparkling Wine and Champagne, right? So if you want regular wine, spirits and food tips like this, subscribe to my YouTube channel and I’ll top you off with a Quick Sip
every #tipsyTuesday Until then, grab yourself a bottle of bubbly
and get your fizz on, people!

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