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– This is How to Drink, the show about making cocktails
and how to drink them. I’m Greg, and, I have never
been professional bartender, I’ve never even had a job in a bar. I don’t worry too much about
precision and technique, ’cause at the end of the day, if the drink you like is in the glass, you did it right. Let’s get going. So as much as I love classic cocktails, and modern cocktails,
and making cocktails, and drinking cocktails, I like classic movies maybe
even a little bit more. This week we’re gonna make a drink in honor of one of my favorite movies of all time, Casablanca. Humphrey Bogart, Ingrid
Bergman, Peter Lorre. Ingrid Bergman spent much
of the movie drinking these, this is the champaign cocktail. So we’re gonna make a
champaign cocktail this week, let’s get right into it. Of course you’re gonna need champaign, we’re also going to need a little brandy, I’m gonna throw some absinthe in it, just one dash, that’s
definitely not necessary, I just really like champaign
and absinthe together, your millage may vary, this is up to you. And I’m gonna use Angostura bitters. This is definitely the bitters that Rick would’ve been pouring into
his champaign cocktail. I’m gonna put a little twist on it, a lotta times this would
be traditionally made with a sugar cube, which to me is great, it provides a wonderful effervescence as it’s nucleation point for
the bubbles in the champaign, but I like the mouthfeel
of a gum syrup instead, you could do it either way. So we’re just gonna add
half an ounce of brandy, into the bottom of our mixing glass. You can add a bar spoon to
as much as a quarter ounce of gum syrup if you’re going that way, or simple syrup, or just a sugar cube. I’m gonna do a healthy bar
spoon of gum syrup in there. Two dashes of Angostura bitters. Just one dash of absinthe. Obviously we don’t have a
whole lot in our mixing glass, but that’s okay. That’s it, quick stir. I’m just gonna strain that
very quickly into my coupe. I’m using a big coupe for this, certainly there’s nothing wrong with using something like a champaign flute, or even a collins glass if
you wanna serve this on ice. Pop your champaign, top it up. Why do I love Casablanca? Well, who doesn’t wanna
be Rick Blaine, you know? George Raft actually turned down the part, George Raft is a great
actor of the gangster era. Raft had recently turned
down the lead roles in both the Maltese
Falcon and High Sierra. If you know a little bit
about Bogart’s career, you know that Raft’s
poor judgement is a huge contributor to Bogart’s spotlight. I don’t know why, I
just really like the way the bright red ball of cherry, looks sitting at the bottom
of a coupe like that. Have I gone too far now? Now that I’m going full ridiculous. And there you have it, classic cocktail, the champaign cocktail. It’s a tasty way to drink champaign, and honestly champaign, as good as it is, this is maybe better. If you have very, very good champaign, maybe don’t adulterate it, but, I only buy cheap
champaign, I don’t know. That’s a good drink. It’s really, actually,
I love the absinthe. The absinthe in that, transforms that. I say that about absinthe in everything, but it really does, that’s a good drink, that’s a good drink. If you like the show, subscribe, if you’re enjoying it, I’d love to hear about it in the comments. Thanks for watching the show, I’ll see you guys next week, Here’s looking at you kid. That is the worst Bogart, oh my god.

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