CATA ESPECIAL KENTUCKY BOURBONS: Reseña de 4 whiskey americanos| Tito Whisky

Welcome to Tito Whisky. In this special episode We’ll be talking about 4 bourbons from Kentucky, USA I present to you The Benchmark old N°8 Brand Buffalo Trace. Maker’s Mark And Woodford Reserve The most common types of American whiskey are: Bourbon Which is a designation of origin that is given to distilled and aged whiskeys in the Kentucky region And must have a minimum of 51% corn whiskey In its composition Bourbon can still be made legally Anywhere in the territory of USA But outside Kentucky It can not be called Bourbon Rye whiskey must a have a minimum of 51% barley In its composition And Corn whiskey must have a minimum of 80% corn This kinds of whiskey Should not be distilled to more than 80% ABV And have to matured in new casks Of carbonized oak, except the corn That should not be aged But otherwise new or used oak casks can be used The aging of corn whiskey Is usually of a few months To complement these whiskeys, wheat or malted barley distillates are often used And if aging reaches the two or more years The qualifier Straight will be designated In this episode we’ll be tasting 4 Kentucky straight bourbons The first one is the The Benchmark old N°8 Brand From the Buffalo Trace distillery This whiskey began to be made at the end of the sixties As a premium bourbon In Lawrenceburg, Kentucky in the wellknown Four Rose distillery In 19889 the brand was adquiered by Buffalo Trace Starting to be elaborated In this distillery Besides the changes in the bottle, the McAfee’s name was added To honour one of the first european colonists that in 1775 lived in the buffalo trace area It is a whiskey that comes at 40% ABV Then we’ll be talking about the distillery’s insignia whiskey Buffalo trace

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