Carbonated Vodka / Kolsyrad vodka

First explain to us what it is that you are doing. The liqour store have this kind of vodka that is quite expensive and is bubbly.
Kind of like champagne. Now I had this idea of taking an ordinary
vodka (not that ordinary it is a kind of vodka from Checkia that is
called Vladka Vodka) Pretty tasty, a bit spicy. Let’s try that in a Soda Stream carbonator. Like so. And then we close the lid. You must first screw the bottle shut. Alright, then. Like so! And then you press here, like so. I don’t know how much I should press. Well, until it farts. That’s enough.
– So. And we try that. Open the lid. And you get Vodka all over the kitchen. Like so! Viggo, no you shouldn’t drink that! Conclusion: Don’t try this at home! You end up with half of the vodka. Now let’s taste what’s left. Press that button there to release the bottle. Alright, let’s taste what’s left. Like, so… Here are vodka on the floor and the dog is
drinking it and getting drunk Like so, tasting now. And then we say:
Schkåål! Are there any carbon dioxide left? No It slipped out on to the floor. What have learnt from this? Buy it from the liqour store!
Thank you!

12 thoughts on “Carbonated Vodka / Kolsyrad vodka

  • Kul idé! 🙂

    Hemligheten är att dom använder syre istället för koldioxid, men golvet blev iallafall rent, hehe.

  • I think I love your dad now. Didn't understand a word he said, but that was a fabulous vid. I'm thinking of trying it tonight with our sodastream… 😉

  • Det går bra att kolsyra vodka men ni gör fel. Ta en slang och trä på påfyllnadsröret i sodastreamern så att ni kan fylla från botten på flaskan. Kyl vodkan i några timmar i frysen. Fyll sodastreamflaskan med max 1/5. Sen är det bara att kolsyra.
    Den kemiska sammansättningen gör att kolsyran försvinner mycket snabbare än i vatten.
    Bästa resultat för att kolsyra vatten är om tempen är precis över nollan. Då blir det riktigt fizzy. Ännu bättre om man kan ha högre tryck. Standard sodastream har bara ca 4 bar. Öka 1-2 bar med modifiering.

  • At first I thought he was drunk off his ass trying to figure out how to do this but then I realized it's in a language other than English.

  • I just have to say that I look up to you, not only is your dialect divine but how you are brave enough. You dare to experiment with what life has given you. When you thought about how vodka reacts to carbonic you just did it. Hats off to you <3

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