Canaris All Days! – Episode 3 “Beer vs Stubbornness ” (Official)

Canaris All Days! Cheers!! Yeah!!! Beer after hard work is the best! Haha, we worked hard as always! Work hard on the field, sweat, have drink afterwords… How happy is this! But Ly-Ly, are you sure? Tonight is on you right? Yup! Leave it to me Lin! Just finished big task! Drink as much as you want! I got you tonight! I heard you Lyna!! I won’t hold back! HA! Who challenged me and got drunk miserably before I did? I…. I wasn’t conditioned at that time!!! Ha ha ha… Halt was in horrible hang over the next day remember? You should stop drinking recklessly… You might not know, but man have to fight when time comes!!! Right? Lyna!! Wait, why you think I’m no a man…? It’s okay Lin! You are cuter than any girls!! What is that suppose to mean!? Wait Halt!!! Why are you talking as if I’m a man!!! ……? Alright then! Clench your teeth!!! Haha… No no no Halt, Ly-Ly is a pretty girl!! Lesha…… You’re such a good girl, this idiot doesn’t deserve you…. Who’s idiot? Who!!! ……? Agggg!!! I’m getting upset now!!! Bwahahaha!! Good to know how others feel Halt! Shut up! By the way Ly-Ly, are you sure? It costs a lot to be knight doesn’t it? I’ve already took care of my armor. It’s the best way to have drink with you guys with the leftover. It’s the best way for me to spend. And, Lesha, you guys took care of me. It’s you guys who welcomed me here in Canaris, that’s why I work as knight right now. Is that so? Knights beat monsters and we are here. We are even!! Well, Human and Demihuman live together here so people are so kind here. I survived as kid when I came here with anything on me. It shows how safe it is here. Oh, you are from somewhere else too huh? Yup! I came here with anything on me and Lesha saved me. Haha, it was a lot going on then!! Thanks to you that I’m able to drink good beer!!! We are even! You work hard everyday Halt!! What a good story! Ok! Have some more drink! For sure! (I’m feeling drunk now…) Lin, you can drink quite a lot huh? I do okay… Not like you two Haha, Halt and Ly-Ly is in another level! Ahaha, Are you challenging me!? Of course I do! You won’t be chilling soon!! Okay then!!! Bartender! Bring all the drinks in here!!! Yikes… They started again… Now it’s a lot of work, Lin, come over here to stay away….. Paw! Ouch! Yeah!!! Bring it on!!! I can drink moreeeee!!!! Ok Lin! It’s preview time! Huh? Where is everybody else? Both are sleeping from hangover! Um… What a losers Um… Thank you for watching again. This is our 3rd episode! Are you guys comfortable with us? Well, You guys be careful not to drink so much! Ok! Next Canaris All Days! Episode 4, “Beautiful flower in Canaris, Rosebud, Lin” See you again! Wait, what’s with this title!!??

6 thoughts on “Canaris All Days! – Episode 3 “Beer vs Stubbornness ” (Official)

  • 第3話ありがとうございます‪⸜(*ˊᵕˋ*)⸝‬💕✨
    ハルトくんもライちゃんもめっちゃ負けず嫌い( *´艸`)笑
    4人の関係ステキですね(ㅅ´ ˘ `)♡
    ありがとうございました( *´︶`*)

  • 3話♡待ってました♡ありがとうございます☺️

    ハルトもライちゃんの負けず嫌いでお酒強いのね( ´艸`)ふふふっ♪


  • 3話ー!
    混ぜず嫌い笑 次も楽しみにしてます!

  • リンちゃん可愛いから大丈夫(´ー`*)ウンウン ライちゃんも可愛い♪二日酔い‪w早く良くなりますように!

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