Can Energy Drinks Kill Athletes & Cigarette Warnings

Hey, I’m Kimberly Walleston and welcome to
Insiders Health where we bring you the freshest happenings in the world of medicine without
that quack propaganda. Today we’ll be talking about athletes that are putting themselves
in harm’s way with energy drinks, as well as the proposed new
warning labels on cigarette packs. Every now and then you just need a little pick-me-up. That extra cup of coffee, that Red Bull you keep in
your desk, even caffeine pills in some extreme cases… And while for the most part it looks harmless,
it turns out that athletes can do major damage to their bodies by turning to energy drinks. This study reported in the Mayo Clinic proceedings
adds weight to previous research that found such drinks can cause heart attacks, seizures,
and in some extreme circumstances, lead to death! The biggest problem is that runners will
use it as hydration as well as an upper But energy drinks actually dehydrate
you as much as some alcohols. Weekend warriors are depending
on the pep to get them through, but water or sports drinks
would actually be healthier. As far as researchers are concerned, you should
never have more than one energy drink a day, never mix them with alcohol and
drink plenty of water after exercising. So put down the Red Bull if
you want to be truly healthy, because all that running isn’t going to
help you much if you have a seizure! In other health news, the federal government unveiled
new proposed regulations mandating bolder health
warnings on cigarette advertisements and packages. The proposed requirements are the biggest change in tobacco health warnings in twenty-five
years, including new, larger and more noticeable warning statement as
well as color, graphic images depicting the negative health
consequences of smoking. One of these images is even a person in
a coffin with the text: “Smoking can kill you.” The idea is to make it obvious to everyone who
picks up a pack of cigarettes that what you’re about to do is extremely dangerous. While big tobacco
is fighting tooth and nail, we couldn’t be happier to see any steps in making
this habit less prevalent in our society. Here’s hoping that they finally
found something that works. That’s it for this edition of Insiders Health TV.
I’m your host Kimberly Walleston and remember: it’s your health. We’re just
helping you think outside the pack.

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