9 thoughts on “Buster Poindexter – The worst beer I ever had (with lyrics)

  • Brilliantly operatic, isn't it? But there a few corrections I'd like to make to the lyrics:
    NOT "Red Stripe and McGunnick and sons" BUT "Red Stripe in the hot Jamaican sun".[Red Stripe is brewed in Jamaica.]
    Not "That would make an oxbow chunder" BUT "That would make an Aboo chunder". [An Aboo is an Australian Aborigine.]
    NOT "But Harrison" BUT "By comparison".
    Not "conaisseur" BUT "connoiseur".
    On the other hand you got Urquell right; Buster left off the R singing it. Maybe he'd had a few.

  • The lyrics and melody were written by Huw Gower and David Johansen.
    'The Holy Dad' is borrowed from Flann O'Brien's book 'The Third Policeman'. 'Tie Me Kangaroo Down, Sport' is a song by Australian Rolf Harris.

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