Brolic Whiskey Spicy Challenge – Samyang 2x spicy noodles + Red Savina pepper

whoo it’s that time Mike! We’ve been teasing
them. This is the Brolic Whiskey Spicy Challenge. I’m Metahuman Dave I’m
regretting this Mike it’s time to let them know the rules of our spicy
challenge so we know a lot of people have done the samyang 2x spicy
noodle challenge it’s not enough for us easy so if you need these noodles I’ll
leave it in the description when you can pick those up we’re gonna take it one
step further off camera I have homegrown hot peppers to my right is red Savina
ghost pepper doesn’t have any peppers on it at the moment got Carolina Reapers
over there there is a potential for cross-contamination so these red Savina
smight be a little spicier than normal now for those who don’t know this red
Savina used to be the world’s hottest pepper I think for about 12 years that
held that title before the ghost pepper beat it mm-hmm so we picked two fresh
pods off of my pepper plant so the rules are here here we go you have to eat your
noodles with chopsticks if you’re gonna do the broth whisking noodle challenge
you have to use chopsticks to skill clear the tongue meaning open the mouth
to show that you don’t have anything before moving on to the stage two which
is eating an entire red Savina pepper clear the tongue a second time by
opening your mouth you’re the last part we all brought luck whiskey there’s got
to be whiskey involved somehow we’re going to be using black feather bourbon
you can use whatever whiskey you want but you take a shot that’s when your
timer ends but you have to do a two-minute afterburn meaning no reprieve
no milk no ice cream no ice cubes any of that for two minutes after you swallow
the shot Mike’s got his timer off to the side I have mine off to the side and
give the reason for the whiskey what it does to you well some people seem to
think that the whiskey is going to make everything
in our mouth just that much hotter I’ve never tested this theory before I’ve
seen some videos some people say it did make it worse some people say they
didn’t do much so we’ll find out all I know is that red Savina is the scariest
part of this entire process the 2-time spicy noodles to me and Mike aren’t that
hot I do get a lot of nasal drip edge whenever I eat anything spicy even mild
foods so I do have napkins off to the side because I’ll probably get a little
dirty this is for time so dirty my sinuses bother me this is this a great
way of clearing them up soaked it’s time ready two times the spicy noodle
challenge the brolic whiskey challenge coming up in three two one
let’s do this he’s already got one in mm-hmm it’s a lot of noodles broke speed
town they do taste good though eating noodles faster since you don’t
learn something in college because it’s a thick sauce it does build up the heat good holy shit
he finishes already I got shit on luck fuck to be fair I’m half Japanese did
you do the anime Mountain essentially yes fuck
Japanese chopstick skills Caucasian gluttony you’re good man you don’t have
to grab that last little thing in the corner you’re good we’re the tongue eat
that all right I’m in at 45 and this guy is already onto the prep right so got
half my fucking noodles unless you just want to wait hi guys I told you that’s a
spicy freaking pepper well that’s embarrassing whoo he’s
beating me by a walk though cuz I still got noodles cheers i Mike’s the clear winner two
minute reprieve for two minute after burn I should say almost throwing my
noodles damn like you’re fast I’m at three and a half this guy’s
already done he’s got me nervous now he handles his
heat I like a spicy food but that’s a little bit hop Oh it’s burning all up and down four minutes four seconds whoo two
minute reprieve or I keep saying reprieve two minutes before reprieve
after birth yes whiskey makes it hotter oh holy shit
ah while I have to suffer through my after
burn Wasim some of you people take on this
challenge if you’re local to me I will give you a pepper off of my plant I’m in
North County San Diego otherwise get a red Savina pepper I want I want to see
furious Pete take on this challenge and LA beast take on this challenge
oh god I don’t even know the names right now Davis who are they we got then we
got I did at 2:57 here folks 257 I did not I don’t have my phone so I hit the
wrong button oh nice I got Brian am’s
main event pong apparently you guys like hot food look at tear that’s real you
like hot food fast let us know that’s real tears
I did two 57:39 prior to prior to the the two-minute burn Oh God the the
whiskey confirmed makes it way worse oh all right
I think that’s two minutes I don’t know track of time you’re way past two
minutes I’m almost at two minutes pain is just killing my sense of time cuz you
did 257 I did 404 like that’s brutal nah that’s cool man rollick whiskey spicy challenge ah –
brutal I’m almost at my two minutes and that’s because I forgot to hit the right
button but I want to be fair make sure my camera says I might watch
those two minutes so I don’t hear any bullshit from trolls saying I didn’t
wait I’m waiting longer than two minutes and
it sucks why the hell did you think of this again for the video please give us
some sympathy likes subscribe to our Channel take on the challenge hashtag
brolic whiskey spicy challenge two minutes is up
I’m taking my milk alright that was tough guys I want to see some of you
guys do it yes we called four people out who are known for this stuff but I want
to see regular guys try it – I deserve this like I said if you’re local to me I
have some peppers I’ll let you have so it’s the same the milk feels good for a
little bit but the second you swallow all that reprieved goes away I so
deserve this that was rough by cookie dough ice cream half melted now this is only the first
burn waited tomorrow’s burned tomorrow oh man I’m still crying tears are
streaming down my face ah that is brolic right there ice creams not doing it off
huh I can feel this in my legs holy shit that is hot I’ll give you
credit good pepper girl good pepper there sir thank you
yeah you kind of noticed the heat immediately I was lucky I didn’t get the
heat until I took the shot once I took that shot it was that holy fuck he like
took it up a notch yeah shot it make it better take it from
us the whiskey definitely made things a lot spicier all right I’m still burning hashtag brolic whiskey spicy challenge stupid this is very stupid got an outro
I know you’re good at those best whiskey challenge because I think we’re the only
ones that did spicy challenge that’s true I’ve never seen a whiskey channel
ever do spicy challenge you sure she can eat some ice cream fast holy fuck
oh my god

8 thoughts on “Brolic Whiskey Spicy Challenge – Samyang 2x spicy noodles + Red Savina pepper

  • Congratulations you guys confirmed that your nuts! ๐Ÿ˜œ๐Ÿ˜‚ Mike is a soldier! I'd gladly have you in my Foxhole any day! Dave, your faces were hilarious! The Lisett cam, more like torture cam! Well done a couple of Bravehearts!

  • Sorry but I'm a wimp, I like it spicy in a little hot but you think your nose runs! I'm like Niagara Falls! ๐ŸŒถ๏ธ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ’ฆ๐Ÿ’ฆ๐Ÿ’ฆ

  • Those don't look like Red Savina's. Probably a cross. I've grown them from legit isolated patented strain and the never looked elongated like those. They look more like Naga Vipers.

  • MEP did it in 2:16. You guys are awesome๐Ÿ˜‰ I'll be subbing because you guys are just as crazy as thesasquash and MEP๐Ÿ˜‚

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