Brandy Mixed Drinks: Part 2 : How to Make the Betsy Ross Mixed Drink

Alright, the drink we’re about to make is
called Betsy Ross. Let’s put some ice in a glass, and we’ll do one shot of brandy, there
we are. And also, a teaspoon of triple sec, there we go. And one shot of port. And we’ll
just take our spoon and give this a good mix here. Get everything blended together, just
the way Betsy Ross intended it to be. Now, you don’t want to shake this, because the,
the port is not really meant to be shaken at all, so you want to just stir it. Even
the way I was stirring it may be a little rough. Want to try to make it a light stir,
and that should be good enough. We’ll set up a glass, and pour it on in, and a straw.
And there you go, Betsy Ross. Bottoms up.

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