Brandy Mixed Drinks: Part 2 : How to Make the Apple Brandy Highball Mixed Drink

Alright the drink we’re about to make is an
Apple Brandy Highball. First thing we’re going to do is put some ice in a glass here. And
we’re going to do one shot of apple brandy. There we go. And we’re going to follow that
up with some carbonated water. Just fill it up the rest of the way and use club soda.
You can also substitute ginger ale here if you want a little bit of extra flavor. But
we’ll just mix this back and forth. It’s obviously carbonated water so you don’t want to shake
it up too much. And the last thing we’ll do is take a twist of lemon. Just go ahead and
grab our lemon peel here, and twist that in there. It’s going to give it a nice flavor.
Set up our glass and pour the Apple Brandy Highball, pretty much just carbonated apple
brandy and water. Bottoms up.

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