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– Oh, boy. Will you make out with me for one minute? – I mean, I ate Indian food
and smoked a cigarette, but if you don't mind that. I'm Ylva. – I'm Lauren. – Hi, Lauren. – Hi, do you wanna shake hands? – Yes. – Hi. – Should we take a shot? – Yeah. I found the tequila. Cheers. – I won't try to clink. – Okay. – Am I attractive? You can only use your
sense of touch to decide. – Is it okay if I touch you? – Yeah. – Okay. I'm gonna start high. Oh, alright. You have a very soft face. And very soft lips. I think you seem attractive. – Aw, your face is really soft, too. Oh, yes, I think so. – What's your type? Be specific. – Pretty much just really femme people. Like, it doesn't really matter the gender. People that are pretty goofy, humorous. Are you funny? – I am hilarious. – Oh, good. Tell me a joke. – Oh, no, no, no, no, too much pressure. (laughter) – On the count of three, let's both reveal how many people we've slept with. – Great. Four.
– Forty. (laughter) I did a lot of people in my early 20's. – "Did a lot of people." Tight. – When's the last time you had sex? – 2016, I think. 2017. – Wait, what? – A year ago, yeah. – I'm sorry. – It's all good. Let's move on from that. What's your best pickup line? Try to pick me up right now. (laughter) No pressure. – I'm gonna have to drink for that. – Do you have any raisins? – No. – Well, then, can I have a date? – [Both] Ahhh! – I've heard that one. – Oh, boy. Will you make out with me for one minute? – I mean, I ate Indian food
and smoked a cigarette, but if you don't mind
that, then that's fine. – I would be down for like, a peck. – For like a peck? Okay. – If I could find you. – Okay. – Is that okay? – Yeah. – Was I a terrible kisser? – No you were not a terrible kisser. You were great, I think
you were better than me. I'm probably too nervous right now. – I thought you were great. – Oh. Give me three reasons
why I shouldn't date you. – I don't always show up emotionally. I have a hard time getting off sometimes, 'cause I fall asleep. (laughs) – That's legit. – Yeah. I have a really aggressive dog. Oh, wait, are you supposed
to answer the same question? – Oh, am I? One; I'm obsessed with my cat, it's like borderline unhealthy. His name is Downtown Brown
and I love him very much. Two: I can be pretty
shy and pretty awkward. Lastfully, lastly, I live
with my parents at the moment, which is like not the best situation. – How old are you? – I'm 28. – Okay. – Yeah, it's a temporary thing. – Oh, that's okay. – What are your deal
breakers for relationships? – I don't know, I guess
like, bigotry is a big one. – That's kind of a turn off, yeah. – I'm gonna throw it back to you. – Deal breakers. Like, cheating is not cool. – How do you feel about
non-monogamy, though? – Non-monogamy is great,
it's not really for me, to be honest. – I'm pretty into non-monogamy. Monogamous ones don't really
work out, 'cause I tend to feel a little boxed in, after awhile. Do you want to get married? – Yeah, I would like
to get married someday. Find my ride or die, you know? – Totally. – Do you want kids? – No, 'cause I don't feel like I'm really – No, 'cause I don't feel like I'm really fit for childbearing. fit for childbearing. I don't know if this is too candid, but I had top surgery and
stuff, so I don't really have breasts anymore or anything, so I would feel bad if I
couldn't even breastfeed my own kid. – Right. – Yeah. I did it 'cause I identify as non-binary and I just feel better without them. – Cool. Before we take our blindfolds
off, would you go out with me on a second date? – Yeah, I think so. I don't really have many friends here. – Aw, I'm sorry. – I didn't mean for
that to sound super sad. – When did you move here? – I moved here like four years ago. – Oh, damn, what's going on? – I don't know, man, it's really
hard to make friends here. – It is hard. – Oh, it's so bright. – Oh, Jesus Christ. Hi.
– Hi. Can I have my glasses, perchance? Thank you. Am I what you expected? – I think so. – I'm not very femme. – Yeah, I'm very femme? – I said I'm not very femme. – Yeah, but I mean like, I still think that you're attractive, though. Am I what you expected? – I don't think I really
had anything in mind. But you're great. – Thanks. Alright, am I the last question? – I think so. – Now that you see me,
would you still go on a second date with me? You can be honest. – No, I would. – You're taking a shot. – Oh no, I was doing this for funsies. I feel like we made it this far. Cheers. (applause) We did it.

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