Blind Dates Play Truth or Drink (Andrew & Megan) | Truth or Drink | Cut

which one of us do you think is more attractive why is no she thinks she's more attractive hi I'm Andrew yeah very much so Wow thank you they're really pretty thank you what are you come to Kela okay I'll just do the same Cheers okay ladies first oh okay have you ever been in love before if so why didn't it work out we're really getting right into it yeah I would say I've been loved like three times I I guess I like I get to a point where you know like that oh shit moment where you're like oh this person could really destroy me if you hit that and I'm like okay wait what was the question have you been in love okay yeah yeah I have he cheated on me what yeah yeah I'm gonna ask a question how would you rate you well how would you how would you rate your oral sex kills out of 10 oh my god I'm taking a shot you're taking a shot I can't bring myself why don't you feel like you can write have you given have you are you are you is that a thing how are you oral sex kills can so many guys think that they know what they're doing you know I'm just like I think I do know what I'm doing pretty well girls can take it girls can fake it yeah by to a certain point like you know when you're not think you know they're not finish this line my favorite is owner of porn is that that thought I knew took a shot of that it's not a dare yeah okay fine I'm gonna take a shot anyway like the romantic stuff I knew you were missing some crazy like the anal varnishing or something crazy does it make any sense how many so this is really great why didn't get all the path say what's your body count how many sexual partners have you had just counting it's taking seven seven yeah I'm not gonna answer I don't keep count let's take a shot I don't more than seven per side do you want kids if so how many yep – and you want kids she's going to be like I feel like it would be stable energy ball practice energy generation gonna be the one that brings like a whole plate of oranges aren't you I'm gonna be the coolest snack dad ever what sound do you make when you're having sex can you make it I don't make a lot of sounds you're just like like I no no I'm not no I'm not talking like conversation over like I dare you to texture in X I still love you soon yeah I actually have changed my number because he wouldn't stop texting me like fake numbers after I blocked him I wouldn't text them I'm an inaudible that because that sounds like a dangerous situation yeah I think why are you doing it on your phone are you texting my grandma on your phone yeah it's off my number oh shoot I love your grandson jeez oh god she doesn't know you're doing it no my family does not know I'm doing everything I'm gonna successfully hide this five to ten years I mean there's only no although she has who are you who are you just don't reply hey grandma I said you're sorry I'm doing this thing right now and the girl doing it with century text message it was like it I'll explain later it was amazing she's not crazy she's really nice I'll explain later all right it's like juice and stuff oh it's all explained later all right love you gamma she didn't say I love you this is bad so no you know my family that's your choice would you like to go on another date with me if what if yes when and where if no why not if not hell yes how are ya yeah you're fun your night see pretty thank you really pretty I'd have to get your number I can always get my your number for my grandma it's like a movie way yeah I'm gonna explain all the other stuff so what if I cook you dinner sappy okay fine meat you eat meat missionary yes should see any meat [Applause]

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