hey guys let's go here now with welcome to season two I will show you guys today is gonna be a shake thing just we're gonna be shaking a lot of food a lot of ingredients today as you get to the title today bitterest drink in the world Yeltsin so I thought fastest amount of beetle nut allergens alibi in the day this videos for all the bigger people in the world now someone better sand this with that so they can make the bitterest drink in the world so they can give it to the you know the bitter people they know not the better that you know about the people it was bitter but tennis theater yeah so we're gonna be going to the grocery store to get them ingredients and products so that we can like you know make are you ready yes ready are you guys now we're in the grocery store now it's time to get the and you know in the world let's go back home in this we got some chocolate coffee and then some juice ready yeah Doron our present yet oh by the way where's Battaglia see hi hey what's up guys not out of here those crowd for our Channel right the area right there somewhere but yeah subscribe there in channel a few 100k subscribers to you even though you only have one video ok ready put it for as I know we're gonna put in the blender ok now now it's always dark chocolate max ingredient is broccoli so guys it's a broccoli so I'm not even sure if this is bitter but you know according to Luke wheeler this so just put it here broccoli this will taste my pick 106 the ampulla yeah I don't follow yeah but then you know when I grow up I realize it's super healthy you can't taste good with something or see something in stuff put it up inside up put some apple I uh I guess we had you have to put a lot of this because they this would make it more better okay next put your hands down three two one okay Coco ah so this is how many how many girls would be put how many I'll need to stop that's a number one but yeah we're putting some couple already there okay next ingredient will be orange so only because that we want that's not too clean I'm gonna chop it off okay and then the last one is calamansi we'll be doing the same thing enjoying products that we got so I think it's time for the liquids the juices okay hey guys so now you went out you want someplace oh she's not here anymore buddy let's continue Rotorua though you know the liquid is already so you got to put some grape juice and carrot juice yes it's like just take it baby but it milk and poufy kind of juice let's go make out of Jerusalem that we do make juice 100% pure okay now we can shake you know are you ready dear now okay let me show Jackson see so the father of it right now is like roundish but I see what power will turn out later right okay it's time for is man like even taste the bitter juice yes okay guys let's get it along looks nice now right yeah keeping City Indiana fold up their back that's good we're gonna be shaking the world okay guys I guess this is it everyone bitterest dream of the world for everyone about open it up you know okay let's try to smell and comment okay take one now it's time to Cheers and paste the bit better less okay that's okay yeah I saw you can see there's the glass ready but on the end I said it's not code so let's put some ice on it right okay second glass we're just gonna use this okay guys and we're back so this is the special made bitter drink all the bitter girls and boys up there this is for you yes of course we made a lot for the family cause we care for them hi guys selfie you the bitterest thing in the world to all the little people in psyche mr. number one is me number two is the owner of the business girl I know cheers robot I tasted first Peter 3 2 1 [Applause] hey guys so that's the you know bitterest drink veterus drink in the world that we sorry what okay but yeah that's it hope you guys enjoyed this video give this video like yeah and we will see you guys in the next vlog and by the way up it's been a while since we love this like shake thing right so hope you guys really enjoy this let's treat she likes it until like you know 100,000 lights we'll see you guys on next

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