28 thoughts on “Big Bear Eagles ~ Simba BIG HOP To Nest! OUSTS Jackie From Branch! Fish & Panning 7.10.19

  • Simba is one big beautiful bird. Loved watching him dance around the nest with the fish in his beak. Is it me, but doesn't Jackie have an amazing beak. It's a big one for sure.

  • Ouch , my ears 👂!!!!
    Wow!!! Little Simba . I think I lost my hearing there for a second 😂 lol
    Love Simba ❤️❤️😘😘😘😘

  • The nest looks like it's been used for generations of eagles … I wonder how old it is … Now, this video is amazing, and I've learnt so much from your comments, LH … TYSM! Love the close–up at the end …. Simba is regal indeed 🦅😍

  • ty LH – Simba definitely is a character, albeit an adorable one!! Nice pics when the cam panned and the close-ups too.

  • Looks like Simba has claimed the nest and adjoining branches for himself. Mom and Dad have to deliver food fast and leave quickly to avoid Simba's squees and nips. Would love to see him in 5yrs- Simba will be a terrific defender of his own nest and family! TY Lady Hawk.

  • Ha, ha! Great video. Look at that innocent, sweet face on Simba when the camera panned to him on Dad's branch, as if he were saying "That wasn't me. I didn't do anything. I'm just chillin' on this branch. See?" Priceless!

  • Simba tickles me. He really voices his opinion. Today, I was reminded of Simba, when I sat by a lake and right next to Ibises and muscovies. I witnessed a mama coot teaching her two babies to get bugs and feeding them. The two young ones constantly squeed following her around to get fed and while getting some of their own bugs. Simba is not the only noisy one when it comes to getting food.

  • Great video! Adore his fish dances. Love Simba’s attitude! Will do him well when he is on his own. Shows the exceptional teaching skills of Shadow and Jackie. The panning views excellent! Thank you cam ops! Nice work keeping up with our busy eaglet! The views of under the nest makes one appreciate the skills building the nest! Thanks Lady Hawk!

  • Simba is beyond himself! So happy he has a fish, dances around the nest with it, making sure Mom knows it's all his. I love how he claims the nest – it's all his! Comical to see. Thanks Lady Hawk! Great video! Simba you are adorable!

  • His parents taught him well. Protecting his food & taking ownership of the nest. Now he's just about ready to get his own.

  • Wow! Simba has become very territorial! First the fish, now the nest. Will he go or will he stay??? 😀

  • Poor Momma Jackie..I think Simba thinks he owns Daddy Shadow's branch! What a character!! Omg 😲 Simba..that's your Mom your screaming at..she's the one who feeds you!! I think Simba thinks this is HIS nest now!! I wonder if he wants to fledge and leave the nest..such a strong willed eaglet!! LOL 😂

  • Always wondered what that god awful racket was when I was stumbling around out in the woods up in the hills. Now I know, its just some brat pitchin a fit with a hole in it.😒

  • It was nice to see the ground and find out how high up the nest is..Simba is a special juvenile boy both in looks and attitude..love him❣️Thanks Lady Hawk for the smile❤️🦅❤️

  • Watching Simba, the old John Denver song "Fly Away" keeps running through my mind. "He's getting ready to fly….fly away. Fly away. Fly awaaaaay." Thanks LH.

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