BEST Vodka Party Punch Recipes (Fruity Vodka Punch and Blue Hawaiian Punch)

– Hey everyone, it’s Dorothy
from, and welcome back to my kitchen. Today I’m feeling thirsty so we’re going to get a little boozy. We’re going to make some
tropical party punches, and you’re not going to want to miss ’em. (upbeat music) Today’s cocktails are two of my favorite party punch recipes. They’re both tropical with rum and vodka and fruit punch or blue Hawaiian punch. These are two of the most
popular recipes on my website, and I know everyone’s going to love them. These two party punch
recipes are super easy, and they start with fruit
punch or blue Hawaiian punch. With rum and vodka, these are
the perfect tropical punches for any party. There’s just a few simple ingredients. No special alcohols or anything that you don’t already have, and they’re delicious. Our first cocktail today
is a fruity tropical punch, with fruit punch and vodka and rum and a little bit of pineapple
juice and Triple Sec. Triple Sec is just orange liqueur, and if you make margaritas, you probably have this already. All right, so these are
party punch recipes, so they feed a crowd. So you want a large pitcher
or one of these fun jars to make your punch in. So start out by adding eight cups of punch into this container. So I’m going to measure out eight cups. Of these punch recipes,
they’re super simple. Everyone really likes them, too, and you won’t have to remake your cocktail halfway through your party. I love adding pineapple
juice to my party punches, especially when I’m using
things like Kool-Aid or the bottled Hawaiian punch because it kind of jazzes
up the flavor a little bit and makes it not so, like, kid-like. It’s just a large can of pineapple juice ’cause I’m making a few cocktails today. You could also just buy the little cans if you don’t want to use a whole can. I prefer the Dole can ones to
those other plastic bottles in the juice aisle. Definitely get the Dole. It’s more authentic,
tastes a little bit better. So I’m going to measure out two
cups of this for this punch. And now it’s time to add the alcohol. I add a full cup of vodka
and a full cup of rum. It’s a lot of vodka, but it’s worth it. When is a lot of vodka a bad thing. Add our vodka to our mixture. Then I’m going to measure
out the rum, a full cup, and then we’re going
to use a half of a cup of the orange liqueur. And that’s it, that’s all you need to make this fruity tropical punch. You can add ice to this if you want or if your container has
one of those ice cores, you can add that to keep it cold. But first we’re going to add some fruit to make it pretty and add
a little bit of soak to it so it’s add a little bit
of extra fresh flavor. For this, I’m going to
use oranges and limes. You could really use anything. You could use pineapple, cherries, lemons, anything that you want. I just like the color of oranges and limes and I think that it’ll add some nice citrusy brightness
to the punch recipe. Second cocktail of the day
is blue Hawaiian punch. Now this is a blue Hawaiian party punch with vodka and I’m going to add
some pineapple juice and rum. So it’s like a tropical Hawaiian, tropical blue Hawaiian drink. And it’s fantastic,
especially if you’re craving a trip to Hawaii. Start off with eight cups
of this blue Hawaiian drink. Another thing I love about these cocktails is if you go to the grocery
store in the juice aisle, you’ll notice that these
Hawaiian punch bottles, there’s like four or
five different colors. There’s green, there’s orange,
there’s blue, there’s red, and then, like, lemonade
and all that kind of stuff that’s yellow. So if you’re trying to match, maybe, football colors or some sort of game or, like, maybe Super Bowl
or some other playoff game, you could totally theme
this to whatever party that you’re having. All right, we’ve got all of
our Hawaiian punch in there, and now we’re going to
add some pineapple juice. Keeps it blue but adds
a ton of fresh flavor to the packaged juice. And then it’s time to add the alcohol, which is the fun part. So today we’re using vodka and rum. So I have a cup of vodka and a half a cup of rum. Just make sure you have a large pitcher. Now it’s time to taste. (claps) So I have a jar full of ice. I love using jars, especially
if you’re having a party, instead of using, like, the red Solo cups or something like that. I love using mason jars
because they’re easy, they’re kind of inexpensive and they come in bulk. Usually you can get 12 or 14, so unless you’re having
a really big party, mason jars kind of are, like, a fun way of serving your
cocktails in or any drinks. I filled this with up with ice and now we’re going to
taste our blue Hawaiian. Add a cherry for garnish. (upbeat music) (moans) Super tropical, love that vodka in there. The juice is strong enough that it kind of hides the alcohol, so a little dangerous here. Let’s try our tropical fruit punch. (upbeat music) (moans) Super fruity. I love the flavor of the
pineapple with the fruit punch. This one’s dangerous, too. (laughs) And that’s it. That’s all you need to make
some fun party punch cocktails. Just some punch, some alcohol, super easy and fast. Garnish it with whatever you like. People love these and it’ll
go really, really fast, I promise. The fruity tropical punch is my favorite. Go ahead and leave me a comment below and let me know which
one your favorite is. My friends just got here,
so I’m go enjoy the party. Keep on watching. Cheers.

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