Best Solution For Hair Problem || 1 Real Life Hacks 2017 || HAIR WASH By SOFT DRINKS Or COCA COLA

Hello, Viewers . Assalamu alaikum.I am Siddiqur Rahman Sajal welcome to my channel. i hope you are well now. in this real life hacks video tutorial, i will try to explain how to properly wash your hair by soft drinks / coca cola I suggest to use this formula, when your head or Hair Itchy/itching for Dandruff/ Dust Use One time in a week,
If need (not more then, for use long time & Better result) if you use more times per week. it may effect on you hair in the long run. in this video you see more itching, but really may be more less. i just try to understand you how itchy effect on your head/ hair it may be after bath or any time. and even it seen when you bath with/ soap, shampoo & Conditioner that’s time it works magicaly. just try one time. You can use/choose any one of soft drinks, who you watch in this video like coca cola but i suggest to try any 1 out of 3 types. i mention you can try it any time, but better or easy to use when you bath you can use normal or cold by frezze as you like. If you use drinks in your head or At the beginning of the hair you need less then 250ml. no need to waste by using more. as you seen other related videos 😀 whatever your hair is small, medium or long if you use in your full hair then you need to be more according your hair. when you use coca-cola/7Up in your head must use around full head/hair. poured slowly and massage 2-3 minute for good/ better result As much you massage properly as your result more better or good then poured water And Complete your Bath. Then I hope You feel better from use Shampoo/ conditioner/ soap. i hope you will Satisfied 100%. Just try First/One Time. That’s. i use this same formula. till 5-6 month. and i have facing nothing. i feel better from other ways. This is the first Bangladeshi real life hacks live video tutorial in Bangladesh Hope you enjoy this video. just follow this video. keep watching………. if you have any question or opinion after watching this full video just comment. give thumbs up Subscribe this channel. Next amazing video coming soon. you get verities video for Hacks, tutorial, science, technology, Tips & trick…etc.. stay with me.. Thanks.. for read sub title , check description. keep watching at the end……

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