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oh man what have you ever had a sex dream about me if so what happened you know I'm sorry to say I haven't had a sex dream about you I've had a lot of sex dreams about John Lithgow for some reason my name is Jessica I'm Celine we're best friends finish this line with me my favorite genre Oh horn is parody yeah is that a genre yeah Edward penis hands ever penis hands is pretty funny it's about a man and he has penises on his hands so imagine what he can do with those the acting is spectacular yeah have you ever had a crush on someone I've been with what did you do I never had a crush on anybody you've been with I'm really sorry I believe that yeah I really truly didn't tight we really do you're too how about me you know what I think Brian's an amazing wonderful man but no I'm sorry I've never had a crush on your husband that's okay or when he was your boyfriend don't you think he's hot okay your boyfriend's hot too it's good it's just that we kind of look alike you know cuz he's got the blonde curly hair you think you look like my boyfriend not not exactly but you know because you guys both have alpaca hair yeah have you ever caught me masturbating or having sex what did you do you know it's so funny because I've lived with you multiple times yeah and no I never caught you doing either of those things yeah I'm sorry what would you do I I would probably just like back away slowly and and let you have your time yeah cuz it's important hey Joe oh no that's good there was a little too much eye contact it is your fucking I just didn't imagine that we were looking at each other oh do you love me if yes say it or take a shot I love you and let's take a shot cuz we love yours too love this is the thing wait how do you do it like oh no this doesn't seem like it's gonna work describe me in 3 words I've been describing you like crazy three words okay okay so hilarious intelligent and oh just sit on my lap and stare into my eyes intimately for one full minute I've never been this close to you yeah but it's like your skin is really nice Thank You Edward I've never seen a sense oh when you need to subscribe to cut video you go here you are a person and you're fine and then if you want to see more shoes or drink videos oh yeah you go to this but I can I look like just like a tightrope

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