So, we found a great product here at the PGA
Show that we feel could be a lot of fun at parties, Beer Pong Golf. Mark, you were telling me a really — kind
of a heartfelt story that’s really amazing. You’re a former stockbroker in New York and
went home to see your mother and spend about four weeks with her, and then –>>Yeah,
you know, I came down to South Carolina from New York. I was in New York for about 17 years. Didn’t see my mother at all in those 17 years. Decided it was time to come back down. In that time, she actually passed. She had a brain aneurysm.>>I’m sorry.>>So then, for me, it was more of, like,
a little self-evaluation. So it was really like, you know, “What’s the
purpose of why I’m working so hard?”>>But you had some cousins that –>>I had
a couple of other cousins in South Carolina, you know, in the teenage — Your typical teenagers,
that they just have their head in video games, don’t really care about school or anything
like that. And so I said, “Hey, teenage boys, you’re
going to come. You’re going to work with me. I’m going to teach you the business. You know, we’re going to take this business. We’re going to take it online. We’re going to do some private labeling.” I thought about it and I was just like, “Hey,
you know what? Beer Pong Golf. You know, in my head, it sounded great, but
I don’t know how to actually make anything with my hands. I’m not the tool guy. And one of the boys — I drew it all up and
I was like, “Hey, you know, how do you assemble these little boards?” I was like, “Can you cut holes into the wood?” And he was just like, “Yeah, let’s go to Lowe’s.” And I was, like — We went to Lowe’s and we
got everything we needed. Made the prototype on a Thursday. By Tuesday, we threw it on Kickstarter.>>Wow.>>In like a matter of 3 days, it just exploded,
you know? We set a goal for like $20,000. Within like the first 3 days, I think we hit
like 80 grand.>>Wow. So, what do people think of the product now
that you’ve put it together? It’s basically — It’s beer pong, so you can
play it, take it anywhere, break it down.>>We went with Beer Pong Golf because it’s,
like, readily identifiable, and I think that was because we decided to do the customization. So, we’ve kind of made it where, you know,
you can interchange different logos. You know, we also have the tools to customize
them ourselves and to adapt to everybody, whether it be country clubs or breweries,
charities. So, when someone approaches us and says, “Hey,
can you tailor a board to fit our needs?”, sure. Tell me what you need, and we’ll make it happen. People love beer. People love golf. I think this is kind of — It kind of –>>It
kind of speaks for itself.>>Speaks for itself.>>Custom Beer Pong Golf. Whatever you need customized, they can do
it.>>Yeah, why not?>>Thanks for your time. Great story.

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