Beer Mistress: BEER REVIEW #99 – Dikke Jan Bruin

hello everyone I’m Kathryn DeSinaasappelen your beer mistress and I’m on my quest to find the worst-tasting Belgian beer and this week I’m trying this one Dikke Jan bruin it’s Fat John and he’s back let’s open this up I just I love the name of this because it’s mafia beer guys I’m telling you It’s mafia Here’s the bottle cap it’s black and boring. Moving on. we’re gonna pour this out
it’s brown so we’re gonna do it slow and on the side it’s a very nice caramel
colored head wow I’m getting whiffs of it over here not smelly that appetizing if I’m honest. here’s the color it’s a dark coffee color with a caramel
colored head I think that’s all good we’re gonna smell Ugh! it I ohhh Oh no… Oh dear.. there there’s
some smell and it’s a very overwhelming smell that’s just assaulting my nostrils.
and it’s not bad it’s just not a very appetizing smell. IDK it’s sort of it smells
like industrialized beer if that makes sense. yeah I don’t know what that smell
is it just it’s it’s it’s not appetizing fat John. this has a little thingy that
says that it comes from west vlaam so I think this might be a specialty of the
region so here’s to hoping I like it because west vlaams makes the best beer!
and I’m not saying that just because I live here and I’m biased no! Gezondheid Oh God oh my! Ugh oh oh No! oh gosh this does
not taste taste yummy oh oh there is like a caramel coffee taste
that’s like hidden under the really nasty taste that I’m getting it’s not
worse than Delhaize there’s that it just… Sigh again for science Oh Nope Still doesn’t taste good. Ugh! this is gonna be such an oxymoron since I’m making all these faces about not liking the taste
but there’s this overwhelming taste but then it tastes like water it’s so weird
I don’t understand what’s going on right now maybe my tongue is broken because in the beginning there’s some taste it’s this
odd sour taste it’s almost really bad nail polish
remover sort of sour as in something’s gone bad and sour really pucker vinegar
type sour and then it goes to this water taste and there’s no taste at all and
then there’s a slight little Carmelites coffee note that I’m getting near the
end but then that really weird sour note comes back it lingers on your tongue and
it’s just it’s not very pleasant. I don’t like it when I don’t like the beers and
I’m sort of oh I don’t know I don’t know because there’s this part of me that
thinks that oh I just need to get my palate accustomed to it except this is
beer 99 I’ve had brown beers before I like brown beers I just don’t like this
one it’s Nope Eeeww no that sour notes
oh that’s killing me it’s not a pleasant sour note that I’m getting I need
something to get that taste out of my mouth I really I do I don’t like this I
don’t like it enough that I really I can’t I can’t finish this since it’s not
the worst beer in Belgium Delhaize holds that distinction this is maybe just the
second worse I’m really disappointed with this I expected greatness that’s
why I had the other one first cuz I thought this one would be better but no
oh at least my mom will be happy that’s what I have for you guys this week if you enjoyed this video and like to see
me try other Belgian beers and be sure to check out my beer mistress beer
review playlist with all the other links to my social media is in the description
below of an Instagram Twitter Facebook and I keep a blog where I keep the
conversation going so be sure to check that all out and I’ll see you guys the
next video tot ziens mijn appelsiens next week is beer 100 and it should be
epic I have a special beer we might die it might be delicious it may not be you
have to come back and find out hopefully that was 20 seconds long I’m gonna give
the rest of this to Prince Charming It wasn’t tasty

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