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hello this is Wiley from learn to
BBQ on this video we are cooking in beer marinated chicken thighs on the
Rec Tec Trailblazer first thing we have to do is make our marinade one
tablespoon of sea salt 1 tablespoon of coarse black pepper 1 tablespoon of
granulated garlic this salt pepper and garlic combination
is the backbone to many rubs or it is just a good standby rub that just about
seasons anything now we add 1 tablespoon of onion powder 1 tablespoon
of red chili powder 1/2 a tablespoon of cumin and finally 1/2 a tablespoon of smoked
paprika now we move on to the liquids and there are only two a half a cup of
olive oil and one and a half cups of a good craft
beer actually just pour the compete bottle and if it’s 12 ounces this summer ale was just perfect for this
marinade now take a fork and really mix
everything together you really need to make sure the seasonings have dissolved you know it’s ready when there are no
more bubbles coming from the beer now put the marinade off to the side now
it’s time to unpackage the chicken I highly recommend you use disposable
kitchen gloves as you take the chicken from the packaging look to make sure the
chicken looks and smells good when handling chicken you can never be too
safe so get yourself a one gallon ziplock bag
and start placing all 10 chicken thighs in the bag they will fit but it will be
tight this is when I get a 10 by 15 baking
dish just in case I spill or the bag leaks now pour all of the marinade into
the bag full of chicken thighs try and remove as much air as you can double-check the seal and then leave it
in the baking dish put it in the refrigerator for at least four hours now
go get a frog mat or grill mat and lay it out now pour the chicken out of the bag
directly into the baking dish go put your gloves on and start putting the
chicken on the frog mat as you do this make sure the skin is flat and covers
the complete thigh the step makes a huge difference if you
want the chicken to look as good as it tastes this will also allow the skin
to crisp up nobody likes rubbery chicken skin before going on the grill season them one
more time with salt pepper and garlic good old SPG pre-heat grill or smoker to 425 degrees
Fahrenheit put chicken on mat in the center of the great put meat thermometer
probe into one of the thighs in the middle of the grate when the internal
temperature of the chicken thigh reaches 175 degrees Fahrenheit it is time to
remove the chicken you can see as I remove the chicken the skin is a golden
brown it is also as crisp that is the advantage of cooking at a hotter 425
degrees Fahrenheit let the chicken rest for three to five minutes so let’s see how it turned out first test is it cooked all the way
through yes it is cooked all the way through besides being very moist it is firm but
still tender now the taste test I think this is going to take another bite this chicken is fantastic the beer
marinade took it to a new level let me eat a end piece with lots of skin all I can
say is good good good I honestly cannot stop eating this chicken one big greasy
thumbs up in closing this marinade takes some time but man is it worth it takes
chicken thighs to a whole new level Bon Appetit if you would like to see more videos
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