Beer Can Breakfast Burger by the BBQ Pit Boys

♪ Gonna smoke me a fatty brisket ♪ Welcome to Today we’re grilling up some beer can breakfast burgers at the pit. And it’s real easy to do. All right, for this recipe, you’re gonna need maybe an onion, that would be up to you. Here we’ve got some bacon, you gotta have bacon with
the breakfast, right? Here we’ve got some ground beef chuck. Here we’ve got some eggs, right? You gotta have eggs with the breakfast. And we’ve got some fillers. That was some corned beef, we’ve got some boiled potatoes, here we’ve got some chili from yesterday and, of course, you need a beer. All right, let’s put this together. Now, first off we’re gonna grab some of this ground beef chuck. And we’re gonna roll it
into a meat-ball, right? So we can form it and
throw some seasoning in. We’re gonna use our SPG,
use some salt and pepper or whatever you like to
season your burgers with. All right. Give it a good mix. And we’ll flatten it out. Now, if you’ve never had a beer can breakfast burger before, you definitely gotta check it out. (light laughter) It’s like I said, easy to do. All right, take your
favorite beer can, right? And we’re gonna mold the ground beef around the edges just like that, right? Now, a beer can burger is, perhaps, the most famous burger on the planet. It’s been done tens of thousands of times. Whew, and for good reason, ’cause it’s some good eating at the pit. Now next step, after we form the burger around the base of the can,
we’re gonna wrap some bacon. Just use your standard cut bacon. And of course some call
this streaky bacon. No, this is belly bacon, the best. Now, you’ve formed it, pulled the can out and we formed a perfect pocket. Here, I’ll add some more seasoning and this is where you can get creative. You can stuff these breakfast burgers with whatever you want. Here we’ve got some
boiled potatoes, right? So it’ll be like putting a
little bit of home fries in here. (light laughter) Dice up. (light music) Put some slices in there. Whew, oh yeah, this is gonna be good. Now, next step, we’re gonna fill it with, maybe, we’ll do some beef, right? Corned beef in this case. You can use any kinda
fillers you want with this, be very creative. You can go with grilled
onions and peppers maybe. Shew, that’d be good. (light laughter) All right, we’ve formed one
beer can breakfast burger. So we’re gonna make another one. Just in case you fell asleep, right? You know how that goes. Make another one. Form it. Season it. I told you this was gonna be easy, right? Now, getting back to the
beer can bacon burger. We’ve time stamped it. We’re the original chefs who
made the beer can bacon burger. You can check it out. It’s been copied. Some have even published it in books and on television as if it’s their own. (laughing) Hey, that’s the way it is, right? The beer can bacon burger was an original of the BBQ Pit Boys and we’re proud of it. And if you have some versions of this, definitely send ’em along, we’d love to check ’em out. All right, it’s been formed. Pull the can out, easy enough. Now, we’ve got some left
over chili from yesterday, so we’re gonna put some of that in, right? (light laughter) The possibilities are endless what you could stuff these with, right? But because this is a breakfast burger, we’re focused on the breakfast. (light music) Ohhh, are you kidding me? Now it’s up to the Pitmaster, but of course you can be drinking a beer right a long, right? That’s up to you. Pull the can out. And this time we’ve put
in some more potatoes. Here we’ve got some diced onions. Yeah, shew… And we’re ready to put it on the grill. Now, we’re gonna put it indirect on our charcoal grill. You don’t wanna put it
directly over the coals because you’ll cook it
too fast from underneath. So we’re gonna cook it indirect, with the charcoal on the
opposite side of the grill. Simple enough. You know this technique, right? (light laughter) Look at that. Put the cover on and we’re gonna wait for
the bacon to slowly cook. And in about 20 minutes or so, this is what you’re gonna get. Depends on how hot your
charcoal’s is right? And now we’re gonna crack some eggs, just like that. (light music) Now, of course some of the, some of the egg is gonna
try to get away from ya. Don’t worry about it. It makes it all better, oh yeah. Whew, ohhh yeah. And look at that, we got a double yolk. That’s for good luck. (light music) All right, kick back a little bit and wait for that egg to cook up. (bottles clinking) BBQ Pit Boys for life. (light music) (chattering) All right. I’d say these beer can
breakfast burgers are done. You like ’em runny yolk, that’s the best way to do it, but if you insist on
overcooking your yolk, go right ahead and firm ’em up. (light laughter) But this is the best way, right? Now, wooooh. Ohhh baby. You’re lookin’ good tonight, girl. (light music) Not much more to say about this. (light laughter) Double yolk. Now, we’ve got, because it’s breakfast, we’ve got some muffins here, we’re gonna toast them up a little bit. Or, of course, you don’t even
have to use a muffin, right? You can put these direct on
a plate, serve ’em up as is. It’s all up to you. We’re callin’ these beer
can breakfast burgers. Or their burger. Now add your favorite condiments, like that, and of course, We do apologize for eatin’
in front of you like this, but we call this Pitmaster privy. (light laughter) Now we’d appreciate it if you’d give us a shout out, a thumbs up, follow us. Subscribe to us. We have over 16,000
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for a recipe for your pit, check out (light laughter)
(Chattering) (fire crackling)

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