Beer Basted Sausage

We’re halfway through our tribute to one of the world’s most famous festivals: Oktoberfest. Today we’re on location talking about the
most essential part: the beer. In fact, last year an estimated 6.9 million
liters of beer were consumed at Oktoberfest in Germany! And there are so many to choose from … from
the most popular, Hellus is a lager, also known as the “Original Munich Lager.” Prefer a dark beer? Try a Bock. Looking to go lighter? Then Weissbier might be right for you. The options are endless … and there are
also so many different beer steins to drink them from. A little story about beer steins: They came
about in the 14th century after the black plague hit Europe. One of the new laws to prevent it from spreading
was that all containers that held beverages must be covered when not being consumed. So beer steins were created. Ok, I’m ready to enjoy a drink, but since
man can’t live on beer alone, I want to share a recipe that goes with it. It’s brats … and guess what they’re cooked
in … beer. That’s right, that’s what we used to flavor
this sausage … along with lots of onions and a bit of brown mustard. This Beer Basted Sausage cooks up plump and juicy, making it the perfect
dish to serve with your favorite brew, in or out of a stein. As always, the recipe’s online and is
one tasty dish that’ll have your gang asking for seconds. Join us again tomorrow as we reveal the secrets
to making buttery spaetzle. It’s just another way to help you say … “OOH IT’S SO GOOD!!®”

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