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Hello, welcome to Drinks Tube. My name is
Amelia Singer and I’m a wine enthusiast because, quite frankly, I love wine. Today we’re going
to be looking at bubbles. Cava, Prosecco and Champagne. You need to know what is going
on in your glass. Bring on the battle of the bubbles! Seriously, it’s camera shy! Prosecco is called Prosecco because it’s from
Prosecco. It’s in this tiny little area in the Veneto region of Italy. There’s lots of
sunshine which therefore gives warmth to those grapes so that’s why you get lower acidity
and why you get some wonderful honeysuckle notes as well as peaches, pear drops. You
know those like those old fashioned sweets you get in jars and weighed out on scales,
it is like those pear drops. I like to think of wines as having their own stories, own
personalities. And I would definitely definitely describe a Prosecco as a Ryan Gosling. Cos
he’s cute, he’s affable, he’s charming, everybody loves him and he is flavour of the month.
Prosecco is so so popular. Do you want something fruity, soft bubbles and very easy to drink
then grab yourself a Prosecco. It’s just pure fun and yum! I hate being filmed doing this! Cava is actually awesome. Its from Spain,
the majority comes from Catalonia. Why is that important? It’s important because it
has wonderful sunshine. Acidity, but not the same amount of acidity as Champagne. Its a
blend of three grapes: Parellada which gives it a kind of appley/pear, Macabeo, bit boring,
and most importantly Xarel.lo, it kind of gives it a little earthiness, rubbery-ness.
You don’t get maybe that much on the nose but on the taste…oh yeah! You get that apple
but then there’s something else going on, something a bit nasty or Jennifer Lawrence
said in American Hustle, “sexily rotten”. It’s just like…oh yeah. So if I was giving
a personality type to Cava I’d say it’s a Colin Farrell. Easy on the eye but there’s
something else going on there and you definitely don’t want to take him home to your parents. Champagne comes with a lot of connotations, imagery, associations. You do think of it as, when you have a big success, when you’re doing well in life you’ve got to have a glass
of Champagne. Generally with Champagne this is complex, finicky, long method of production.
All of the grapes are picked by hand, all just from that Champagne region in France.
It’s a lot colder therefore you have higher acidity, much more refined texture, the bubbles
last for a lot longer on the palate and it can be a bit of work. It’s not to everyone’s
taste. If I had to give a personality to Champagne I would say it would be definitely Christian
Bale. He’s sleek, he seems so together, structured, refined and yet he could have a freak out
at any second. He is just complexity after complexity. And some people love it, they
love the challenge. Other people, its just too much hard work, just give me the Prosecco
or the Ryan Gosling! What I really hope I can emphasise to you
today in this battle of the bubbles is that there’s not one better bubble than another.
It’s just down to your own personal preference. Just embrace what you like and enjoy.

45 thoughts on “Battle of the Bubbles: Prosecco, Cava & Champagne | Amelia Singer | Jamie Oliver’s Drinks Tube

  • What's with comparing alcohol to celebrities? It just seems really odd to me. Anyway, if you have more of the Prosecco, just send it my way.. 

  • Can't be without my champagne, just the Zing! Its so good :$ But now i have learned about these other drinks, which surely, i will give them a go! Thanks again Drinks tube! <3

  • I'm really digging this Amelia review! Great sense of humor and personality. I just got back from Domaine Carneros in Napa Valley tasting Champagne (sparkling wine) and learned that I don't like super dry bubblies of any kind. The viewers should note that you can find any of these forms of bubbly on the sweeter more refreshing side instead of being so dry. I think people who don't like sparkling wine way have tasted something that was waaaay to dry. I love ice cold prosecco with a fresh blackberry, strawberry, or mint dropped in!

  • I prefer Champagne, but maybe that's because they are usually more available in a higher pricepoint than prosecco and cava. When I can't afford Champagne I usually go for Prosecco, but it tastes kind of blank and boring, while I with Champagne get a smoother and creamier taste and texture.

  • I think I'm a Ryan Gosling kinda girl, but I sure wouldn't mind getting a taste of Christian or Colin 😉

    Loving this series! x

  • Wow, you made that video really interesting, although i'm not the bubbely type, now i'm really interested in trying a Prosecco. Good Job!

  • hey Amelia! Welcome to the family! Ever tried Champagne beer like Deus? Delicious and makes a great bucks fizz too

  • There is always, but always, a bottle or two Cava (except for Lent) in the fridge! It's so very good, smooth and easy to drink with friends after a long work week or just kicking back with friends. Prosecco is awesome for a party (for some reason, CHampagne feels very flinty) or with desserts!

  • Fantastic primer on all things sparkling. Love the descriptions and passion in the delivery! Well done! More videos with Amelia please!

  • Amelia, your website isn't working.  I'd like to get in touch.  Is there an email address I can use?  Many thanks.  

  • Really funny!  What are we Canadians to do with all the lovely bubbles we have here?  Is it always European?

  • Or you could spend about 3 times as much on Champagne as you would on the others for the same quality product. Really i am more of a Cava guy. My Red wines are from France my white from Italy and my bubbles from Spain.

  • I'm not sure if the choice between these three wines is about "personal preference". Many people simply can't afford Champagne so that's one down!

  • Martini Prosecco? Seriously? First, Prosecco takes its name from the town of the same name in the region of Friuli Venezia Giulia, NOT in Veneto. Later in history the production of Prosecco improved in the Veneto region where you can find the best ones nowadays. Second, Martini may take their grapes for Prosecco from Veneto but it's still a brand from Torino and it makes some confusion when in their bottle they put "Torino D.O.C." when a D.O.C. means that a product is made in one specific region, in this case, Veneto. Also, if you want to compare a Prosecco please, do it with a good one! You have the best Prosecco's with D.O.C.G. in Valdobbiadene-Conegliano specially those with grapes from Cartizze. Try a Varaschin DOCG Cartizze or a Val d'Oca DOCG Rive di San Pietro di Barbozza, those are real Prosecco. Wine enthusiast? Then do some more research. God…

  • For god's sake, how can you drink a Martini Prosecco? This is madness.. It is a super commercial brand from Turin, that is not even in Veneto region.. it's like drinking Coca Cola Champagne..

    The best prosecco is made in the conegliano-valdobbiadene region..

    If you want a decent one try a bottle with the "conegliano-valdobbiadene DOCG" label on it..

  • Why buy champagne when prosecco, tastes better, fresher with no horrid after taste and around 25% of the cost ?……….Unless you're some kind of weird old wine whisperer !!

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