Bartending Tips : Mixing Drinks for Drunk or Pushy Customers

Now, I’m going to show you some basic bartending
secrets. The number one secret, that I don’t think most people know, is that secretly,
bartenders are not trying to get you drunk. As a bartender, it’s kind of your worst nightmare,
when someone gets too drunk. First of all, you have to worry about them driving home,
and second of all, you just have to worry about them making your job more difficult.
They’re going to be running around the bar. They could be climbing on furniture. They
could be spilling drinks. They could be harassing other patrons, so really your job is to not
get bartenders drunk, or not to get bartenders drunk either, but not to get customers drunk.
The next thing I’m going to show you is a trick with pouring, so say you do have someone
for example, who keeps telling you to make their drinks stronger, when you know you’ve
put the right amount in, or for example, is maybe has had a little too much, but you know
this is going to be their last drink, because they already called the cab, so you’re making
them one more drink, and you don’t want to get them too drunk. I will give you an example
of what to do. We’re going to fill our glass up, and this is another reason why it’s really
important to fill the glass all the way to the top. It’s because it leaves less room
for alcohol. It leaves less room for mixer, and it’s just going to chill the glass really
well, so we’re going to make a drink real quick. Now, this is the secret. What you’d
typically do, is you’d make the drink first, and then you’d put the stir in, but for example,
if you would like to make someone think they’re getting a stronger drink than they are, you’re
just going to put the stir right in the top, and when you pour the alcohol, you’re going
to pour it right over the straw, and this can be kind of tricky. It’s great to do this
if the person’s not looking, but even if they are, they’ll think you’re doing some sort
of a trick, so now the first sip they take, is going to be pretty strong, so that’s one
thing you can do to make someone’s drink a little bit, a little bit more, appear to be
a little bit more strong, and the other thing you can do, and again when you do this, you’re
not going to want to mix it. You’re just going to want to leave it like this, because you
know right now, the vodka is on the straw. The other thing, is say for example you are
mixing the drink, and you want them to think they’re getting a stronger drink, you’re going
to make the drink first. Add the straw, and then tell them, you know what, I’m going to
add a little bit more, or if they tell you to add a little bit more, and you just go
like that, and you literally put one drop on the top of it, and this is kind of a way
just to make sure that your patrons aren’t going to be too drunk to drive home, or just
too drunk in general, and make your life difficult, and that is some secrets to bartending.

79 thoughts on “Bartending Tips : Mixing Drinks for Drunk or Pushy Customers

  • Lol thats crazy, if somebody is too drunk then you should refuse to serve them not make some crazy half shot with the tip of the straw soaked in vodka haha

  • sorry bro but being a bartender is being professional you cant do that unless physical or outbursts start to happen thats just a way to earn more tips and stay cool with your customer they will be like yeah hook it up but in reality you are still pouring the same amount of drink

  • Excuse me, but when I drink alcohol, I intend to get drunk. It's not the bartender's job to PREVENT someone from getting drunk, it's their job to serve drinks.

  • This is just fucking stupid! if a costumer who are too drunk and pushy you dont give them more to drink, and at least NOT give them more vodka if they ask.. stupid girl!

  • @MattMcGuirk I like this advice! I'm getting ready to be a bartender myself, so I'm learning what's the best way to handle rude customers. But the thing is, I'm not a pushover at all so I think it's better just be myself and take your advice!

  • I'm a bartender from the Uk and theres 2 problems with this

    1.If the customer is drunk you refuse service

    2.You cannot pour a half shot or measure (at least in the uk)

    trading standards state each shot of 25ml or 50ml must be measured in a goverment stamped shot measurer

    So not only as you serving someone who should be having water and a taxi home but your also charging them money for half a product.

  • Every bartender trained CORRECTLY knows that if someone's too drunk a bartender is supposed to NOT SERVE them. tell them nicely, but don't make them a 'less strong' drink.

    i call BS.

  • she made it strong anyway… glass filled halfway with wodke+some in the straw… and a bit o' orangina… serve him 2 shots of pure wodka…way helthier:p omg

  • wtf this is some bullshit if u pay money for a drink it should be the amount need for the drink to be correct..that shit shes talking and doing is robbery..your a bartender not the police

  • @ColourPendulum If you don't want to con your patrons, explain the prices… *disclaimer, the bars at my location have a 250% profit margin on their drinks*

  • @ColourPendulum she never said anything about making any less strong of a drink, the point she was trying to get across is that first of all you're not supposed to make a stronger drink then would normally be made second, she's just telling you how to keep the customers happy and make it APPEAR like you're making it stronger.

  • This is absolutely ridiculous. First of all if someone is too drunk stop serving them. Second of all how is a slow 10 count or at least 10 ozs of booze a weak drink? Giving someone hammered two shots of vodka and sending them out the door even worse is poor service.

  • Wow what a good way to set yourself up for getting sued. Yes judge i called them a cab because they were showing signs of intoxication but i gave them one more drink while they were waiting. oh and by the way i deceived them with putting more alcohol in the straw so they would think it was a strong drink. lol lock your ass up and pay the family millions of dollars because you over served.

  • that's totally stupid, with all that ice the guy will drink that drink in 10 seconds and want another. its a secret to selling more booze.

  • Simple solution, I'm a bartender and if I have somebody giving me grief, they have a simple warning, be polite or the bouncers throw you out!

  • why is everyone so negative??? i have worked as a bartender in a lot of bars and restaurants over the years and there isn't security at every bar and certainly not at every restaurant. so tricks like these are actually used ALL THE TIME to get pushy customers (some who are regulars who we don't want to piss off) to back off when you are just trying to avoid a scene.

  • I would be pissed if some bitch took my hard earned money then didn't give me the service i paid for by taking it upon herself to judge how much i can and cant drink, and altering the drink.

  • Your complaining about hard earned money and wasting it on booze? Makes no sense. Your money do what you want, but dont bitch about hard earned cash and just throwing it away by sitting in a fucking bar. By the way, watch bartenders sometime, they pull this all the time and if it wasnt for stupid drunks, they wouldnt have to do it now would they?

  • And your point is what? You still buy the drinks though right? So what are you complaining about again? I dont get it! Yes, before they pay themselves, they have a huge booze bill to pay, mortgage, insurance, cig licence, music license and what ever other license they need…..water and sewer bill, taxes. Ya, you keep bitching. Start a bar yourself and see what its all about. It also has to do with your town on how much they have to charge.

  • No. What she is talking about is making the drink normal. When a patron ask for a stronger drink, it is not another shot. Maybe at most a half a shot. That is free to you, I have never paid more for a stronger drink, have you. She is only tricking you into thinking your drink is stronger by pouring it over the straw. So if anyone is robbing anyone, it is us robbing them asking for a stronger drink and not paying more for it. Fucking DUH!

  • I have asked for drinks that bartenders dont normally make. So it is normal for a patron to ask for a little more. Or if the patron doesnt request a certain brand which they normally drink and it taste weak to them. Just like a brandy and coke. how many didnt brands of brandy with different tastes. Korbel, E&J, Christian brothers etc. They all taste different. You dont specify when ordering, your stuck with Korbel. I drink E&J. Totally different taste and they always give you the cheap shit.

  • Ya with your beer goggles on those male bartenders looking perty nice huh. I would rather have a hot looking chick making my drink any day over some half dumb witted fuck that is to arrogant. Ya, you stick with your male tenders, Ill have a hoot with my female ones.

  • Whether it is a waste is not your decision to make dipshit, nor is it the bartenders, its opinion. They earnt it, so they can spend it as they please. If you're telling me you've never had a good night out and gotton drunk then you're a sad lonely man. As for drunk pushy customers: fine, don't serve them then. But to decieve them into thinking they are paying for something they aren't getting is disgraceful.

  • Hey dumb ass. You missed the whole point. So you ask for a stronger drink and she makes you believe you got one by doing this and you don't pay for the extra booze, I have never seen anyone pay for extra booze. You pay for the drink, not the extra shot you asked for…..What a crock pot. Go sit in a bar some more so your brain can die more you fucking dumbass.

  • mate after reading your other replies I have found u to be an idiot who knows nothing about the industry…..u do however know a lot about being an annoying troll!

  • lol it's a good tip. but what even better are the people commenting saying they know all. yet they have no videos posted about this. funny shit. get off your high horses, because your shit actually stinks just as bad as the next guy's.

  • if your a bartender, and it's your job to do something as simple as mix a few different liquids together.. and you can't hack it, quit your job. Telling people to "fuck off" is childish and extremely retarded to do in business. I mean, the owner only pays and pushes for people to COME and not "fuck off" Great way of doing business dude.

  • That's all ridiculous advice. I tend bars in the UK and we believe in quality service here. Filling the glass with ice to ensure not a lot of booze and mixer is used is a sure fire way to get yourself a bad reputation, word of mouth is the most important thing in this trade, you can be known as the bar with quality drinks or the bar who takes advantage of their not so sober customers. Your job is to serve drinks and maintain a friendly atmosphere for people to drink, if they are too drunk the refuse to serve them, not appease them by essentially conning money out of them. These aren't "bar secrets", these are asshole tricks by asshole bar staff, if I found it happening in my bar then someone would be getting fired.

  • Secrets to bar tending? You mean like short change them 3 oz of alcohol they paid good money for. In other words you're a thief. And after a few drunks getting rippedoff you can take a couple or three free 40 ouncers home thats already paid for. Thats a good way to run a crooked business like wtf?

  • Here’s a FREE lesson: When a customer asks to make their drink strong, I say,

    “Sure man! Make that tip strong.” 😊

    Customer: “Ok, I got you bro!”

    Then, I make the drink like normal and receive a fat tip. That’s how you scam a scammer, not by putting alcohol in the straw. If a customer sees you doing that, he or she will probably think you're an idiot.

    Don't do that.

    – Dan

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