Barrel Aged Gin: Perfect for Gin Beginners, Whiskey Lovers & Everyone In Between

Are you one of those people who says
“you’re not a gin drinker”? Or perhaps you’re a whiskey lover who hasn’t really
ventured into gin yet? Well today I have a treat for you! Stay tuned… we’re talking
all about Barrel Aged Gin and I promise, you’ll be ready to dive into your soon
to be gin love affair by the end of this video. All right Tippler Nation! So seriously… I don’t want to hear any more of this, I’m not a gin drinker. Instead,
how about, I just haven’t found my gin soulmate yet. That’s more like it. Now
that we’re on the same page, in the spirit of finding even the most adamant
gin skeptics their gin we’re going to talk about barrel-aged gin. And as a
fantastic example, especially for you whiskey lovers, we’ll be diving into this
treat from St. George Spirits here in California. So barrel-aged gins are
exactly what they sound like. Gin that has been aged in used wine or whiskey
barrels. Keep in mind that most gins aren’t aged at all… but the whole idea of
barrel aging gin isn’t new. In fact it first happened almost by
accident when gin was being transported across the ocean in barrels. The barrels
were practical from a transportation standpoint… but then when they got to
their final destination there was a happy little surprise. A touch of sweetness,
spice and at times a hint of coloring depending on how long the journey was
across sea. For a while this was known as yellow gin. Not a super appealing name
probably, but despite that it never gained much popularity so it’s been
something pretty under the radar until recently as the craft cocktail resurgence has increased interest in gin in general and in this more nuanced style of gin. So.. the important question! What does it taste like? Barrel aged gins honestly tend to drink more like “whiskey lights” to me than anything else. It has a
depth and richness that’s unexpected for gin yet that bright botanical essence
remains and beyond the barrel aging there’s often another difference to
these gins whereas most gins are made from a neutral spirit like vodka
many of these barrel aged gins actually start from unaged whiskey,
so even before the aging there is some more complexity and personality
beneath the botanicals. You guessed it – if you’re a whisky lover looking to
learn how to appreciate gin, this is a great starting point, aged or not
actually. So for example, St. George Spirits makes a Dry Rye Gin with a
hundred percent unaged rye base. As we all know rye’s not neutral…it’s naturally,
even when unaged, has some spicy warmth and body to it. Maybe even a little malty
characteristic to it. So even without aging, this gin from St. George might be
exactly where you should start… especially if you’re a whiskey drinker.
But to take it a step further… we have here that same dry rye gin in their
Reposado version. Which means it’s aged and it’s aged in used Syrah and
Grenache barrels. So now we have a gin made out of rye aged in wine barrels.
Pretty fun! So let’s take a sip shall we. Party in your mouth, And seriously…that’s what this is. the brightness of gin, the warmth of rye, the complex depth
of wine. I LOVE IT. And I think you will too, even if you think you hate gin.
So while I’m happy to sip on my barrel aged gin straight, they’re also phenomenal in
cocktails that call for whiskey or bourbon. So seriously, like make an
old fashioned out of one. I bet half your friends won’t even be able to
identify it as gin despite the fact that it is. That’s actually a super fun game
and one of the best ways to get gin skeptics to open their mind to gin. Trick
them into it with a barrel aged gin! But seriously Old fashions, Negronis, Americanos, you name it – using a barrel aged gin in it, delicious! Okay so while this particular barrel aged gin is a little bit hard to find our
nice friends at St. George Spirits have a link to contact them for help finding
it on their Dry Rye Gin page at If you can’t find
the St. George Dry Rye Reposado Gin, don’t despair… we won’t leave you hanging. Depending on where you live, a few other barrel aged
gins that we are currently loving at The Crafty Cask are Few Spirits Barrel Gin
from Chicago, Wire Works Special Reserve Gin from GrandTen Distilling out in Boston, and lastly Caledonia Spirits Barr Hill Tomcat
Reserve in Vermont. And if you’re looking for other incredible gins that maybe
are’nt aged to start out your exploration head on over to at
this link here for three other non aged bottles that we recommend. So there you
have it… gin lover’s, gin skeptics, whiskey lovers –
I want to hear from all of you! Have you tried barrel aged gins? If so what did
you think? If you haven’t are you intrigued to try one now? I hope so.
When you do, make sure to let us know what you think! And share what great
finds you are finding out there and until next time… …drink craft and drink local. Cheers!

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