Australian Thrashed for Assaulting Women

Karnataka has some beautiful tourist attractions like ancient temples and caves. All the World and in India, Karnataka is known as a beautiful tourist spot. On 19th November 2019, an Australian man named William K James from Melbourne went to visit cities and villages of Karnataka. He took a bus from Badami which is famous for caves to Bagalkot. When he got down at a a small village, he misbehaved with one woman. Because of this the villagers became furious and tied James to an electric post and brutally beat him up. James was then admitted to a private hospital where the doctors confirmed that he had alcohol in his body. According to the police, he is out of danger now. According to the District superintendent of police, they are investigating why James got down at such a small village and if he misbehaved with the women or not. Since he was all alone why did he get down at the village? They are investigating all this. The villagers have a case with the police. The Australian embassy has been informed about the incident regarding James. James has not been arrested and the case is still under investigation.

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