Attempting to Drink 24 Beers in an Hour!

what's up guys thank you so much for the fucking support today running to do it we were gonna do 24 beers but yesterday was 905 zone birthday I'm happy birthday and I know I bring someone's fucking drinks five of my beers Adams – no no no no anyways 19 beers so you guys don't say it's water we're gonna be putting it in fucking clear cup stopple times up guys who else is doing fucking crazy drinking challenges on you oh we got some shitty flies in this goddamn it's just so much it's a lot of fucking birds wasn't told everybody they like like this time alright alright this is it 19 you think you've got this 19 years fucking right that's insane they got the full sentai glass the last one okay so that is 19 beers comes out two one two three four five six seven eight nine ten eleven twelve thirteen fourteen fifteen sixteen seventeen eighteen nineteen twenty two hundred twenty two twenty three twenty three small cups of beer okay if you're watching this I'm about to hit 1 million subscribers if I get 1 million subscribers today that is 1 million in a month so make sure to fucking subscribe this is 24 beers in under an hour 19 beers now that I think about it's not it's not easy it's not easy but you also have an hour you know here's an hour here I'm just gonna think of this as of it it's pee just lick with me let's just eat there's delicious P from pella D DeGeneres this is Ellen DeGeneres B where were you born Anna oh my god there's a sniper tips no seriously go so an hour cooking you get your beer every three minutes right yeah three minutes in like ten seconds we're ten minutes pretty tough you're Steve will do your head no freeman oh yeah don't forget when you are yeah go 20 beers in an hour I'd be sliding off like less than half of this shit how many we got left 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 small cups you guys never turned music on when you guys fuck are you guys more just like silent fuckers not music ed even him I just you guys get really touching with each other when you're drunk both over here [Applause] he's sick fuck let's go holy fuck in nine seconds and I have to drink how are the beers terrible yeah shaky but like my bites this isn't like easy it looks easy no guys it's fucking weird how it looks even it looks a lot you've took him down like I'm just saying like how many do at least 30 years this is all done Bacardi's person [Applause] listen this is how much people are fucking idiots basically a magical island mr. Bradley Martin the guys like oh aren't you that famous youtuber who does fitness and Bradley is like yes and I'm like yo you know Adolf Hitler please no he's like no yeah of course of course I know paid off and then then the kid at Jamba Juice is like Oh aren't you the now boys I'm like yes I'm a lovely to meet you this is Kyle of these Oh Kyle me no find are you fucking full Sun Glasses shout out the proper 12 even though I have nothing to do and they don't pay me at all I feel like I need to break something all right I feel like I need a break and he doesn't even break well I guess we forget see you guys like fucking 15 beers little marina yeah we're all a little man this feels good we have it for LA Zoo that's it swear to God bang energy shit if you if you drink bad energy you're fucking bail me they don't even use real creatine I swear to God Pizza my cheese baby food is up I'm not making fun of you babes I love oh shit what's your time tracker out 53 oh shit let's go this is the end right here this is the fucking end I'm not making fun of you at all so I had two beers to drink shelves are always evolving pythons he's the man I have 56 grams of dives I have like over like two pounds of exotic bud maybe three pounds of exotic blood and they're an evil offer on free hookers whenever we want finally my 22nd birthday I'm gonna celebrate with Miguel he owns a lot of snakes fields log dispensaries he has a lot of cars a shark to him or yeah read him hello let's go let's go so thank you guys so much for the fucking support down I'm saying 19 beers in an hour that's fucked up 19 beers like our 10th if I get up I get a million subscribers thank you so much a million a month I love you guys if you haven't watched an Elk's new video they just posted and we're fuckin dude spin the globe challenge if you don't follow up Wilson fitness you're a fucking idiot if you don't subscribe to Bradley Martin you're fucking dummy let's go Steve we'll do it for my tank bounce then my business I had it Gabe a minute be slow I went to 35 K on my wrist

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