ATLAS | How To Find Drinking Water

what is the up my fellows in my fajitas
my name is classif13d and today I’m gonna teach you how to find drinking
water in art I mean Atlas yeah yeah since release I chat has been flooded
with the question how do I find drinking water so today I’m gonna show you how
all you do is you find a spot it crops down with eggs you click the left mouse
button sometimes it’ll say you can’t dig because maybe you’re not in the green
area you need to move over find green grass hit the X button nothing in your
hand click the left mouse button a little game a pop up click it when it
turns green do this three times in a row BAM
drinking water very simple very easy to do press a you got 60 things of drinking
water right there drink it you’re done that simple I hope this video was able
to help you find some drinking water so you’re not dying spawning in the ocean
and doing it over and over and over and over and over again if it did help you
don’t forget to like the video share it with your friends so they know how to
get drinking water also subscribe to the channel if you enjoyed the content thank
you once again

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