Good morning world! Today we are in Atlanta again, We came here… this is Meg, my American mother… (HELLO) you´ve seen her in other videos. Today we are going to the World of Coca-Cola That are like the Coca-Cola´s world headquarters And it is one of the biggest businesses in all Atlanta I don´t see anything with the sun in front These are three important places in Atlanta, which are the aquarium where we went some weeks ago, and the World of Coca-Cola where we are going right now. They give free Cokes here. Here it is supposed to be the vault where the secret formula of the Coke is located, that is “super maximum secret”, and we will see it now. This is like the Coca-Cola´s factory. Now we are going to the 4D show And we got out of the World of Coca-Cola In 1966 the Olympic Games were celebrated in Atlanta And this is an important park that was build during the Olympic Games And I went to have a haircut.. I hope you liked the video! Give it a like and share it! And don´t forget to subscribe!

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