ASMR White Chocolate & Marshmallow & Macarons & Whipped Cream & Ricecake MUKBANG

white food Hello~ Today’s Theme is White Food~ If you wanna more Rich sounds, please wear Headphone. Thnaks for watching and please Subscribe & Comment~! Steamed Bun. With Sweet Red beans. Moisty and Soft. This Sweet bun is good especially in winter. Wait! Let’s eat with Whipped Cream:) Exciting Sounds. Dipping with Whipped Cream~ A little bit Sad due to dipping Cream not that much.. Really Good Combi. Vanilla Choco Wafer Roll. So Sweet Vanilla flavor. We really like these Crunchy Wafer Roll. With Whipped Cream.. so Excited! Woo is wanting Kiss. Absolutely Rejected Korean Rice Cake made with Korean Rice Wine. Fluffy texture. So Moisty and Soft. And it smells sour like Rice Wine. We like this Chewy Mouthfeel. Hershey’s Chocolate Cookie and Cream. Our Favorite Flavor of Hershey’s! Milk Macaron. So Happy:D Little Milk taste but Sweet. Woo is Happy now. MarshMallow. Mallow with Cream makes us Smile. So Soft & Sweet. Coated with Cream! Difficult Whippend Cream… We’re done~! Did you enjoy out Video? Then please Subscribe, Like, and Comment~! See you~ Today’s Review Woo: All is Sweet, but Different respectively Ju: Marshmallow and Cream… I ate up all of them in the end Thank you

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