ASMR 🌶Spicy noodle challenge ft Winson Lam

hi guys my name is Tia and today I'm sitting here with but hush and Winston and we're going to do the spicy chili eating contest we're not allowed to have any water or milk or anything so let's see how it goes also I'm going to be linking our channels and Instagram accounts to the description down below thanks um so I'm just sharing these art and they look super spicy like super spicy yeah I'm actually sweating just being around yeah exactly you did well with the separation thank you ready to buy these in half eh yeah all right here we go hey Chilly everything today oh yes oh yes wait all right it tastes pretty good it tastes good right yeah that no good tasting you Bob tell us the story about health on say what is that on it well dente is when it's uh not quite raw it's halfway between raw noodles and when it's the Soviet one so you go to Italy they'll serve you al dente noodles if you go over there and it's raw yeah don't say anything to them because you're in the wrong we cook these perfectly they can't come in walk down what's that Oh is it good yeah I actually like them I'm actually smashing these down yeah wow you're so good at this oh look at my eye you like a good topic for each oh my god god it's so hot right I don't know if you should take a break yeah you can take a break gonna pop you get anybody no time now there's no there's no stopping this right Oh me actually yeah humpy lives yes like a natural lip plumper anyone else feel like clumpy lips just like he's some Chili's probably gonna write de yada outs make sure here I'm done tia is your house but can I take myself that's why see the name is employing you alright Thor's gonna be harder love the gym yeah I think we just have a higher tolerance to spice yeah so no it's okay maybe they when they do it weren't spicy enough yeah guys we justice masters that was [Applause] I'm dying [Applause] fuck so thanks for watching anyway

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