Ask An Eye Doc: Can popping champagne really cause eye injuries?

– Hi. I’m doctor Masoud
Nafey and you’re watching Ask An Eye Doc where I
answer your questions on social media. (trumpet blows) Happy New Year! Okay, Brian asks, “Do people really get eye
injuries from popping champagne?” Yeah. If you happen to be at a party where co… Okay. If you happen to be at a party where corks are flying around everywhere, first of all, safety glasses. (knocking) Check! (cork pops) Woo! Where you point that bottle when you’re poppin’ the champagne, really, really matters. When this cork starts flying at you, it’s flying at around
speeds of 50 miles per hour and something at that speed can cause serious damage to your eye. It could cause orbital trauma, it could case even broken
bones around this part of your face. And of course, it can scratch your eye. And around times like 4th of July and New Years, people tend to get more eye injuries just from simply not being careful enough. So you should see an eye doctor
immediately if that happens. Alright, that’s it for today. Thank you for watching and remember, if you have any questions, hashtag ask an eye doc.

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