She’s efficient. She’s hoping you have poor vision. You can’t see what’s going on here. Hi guys! My name is Grace Helbig. If you did not know now you know, your life is different now! I’m in a bathroom. You can tell by the echo. No not the delightful new Amazon… speak-to-do-things device that the government can very easily hack just FYI I’ve heard rumors. It’s one o’clock in the morning, I have to get in a car at 7:30 in the morning to get in a plane to go home. I just went for a jog in the gym because that’s what I do when I’m stressed out and I just took a shower because… it’s been a minute. I went on my Facebook page to ask you guys what you wanted me to do today and someone mentioned that Colleen had just done that do your makeup with a fidget spinner challenge and that I should try to do that, but in France, I do not have a fidget spinner. But here’s my logic. Fidget spinners are those devices that are used to calm anxiety and help settle a restless mind. So, I don’t have a fidget spinner, but I have something that I use to calm my anxiety and settle my restless mind: bottle of champagne. I got this bottle for free when I got into this hotel because they thought there was going to be two people here instead of one. Nope. The less the merrier. So, I thought I would try and do my makeup using this bottle of champagne and no I did not drink all the champagne already. I’m not a monster. Put the rest of it in this tea kettle. Perfect. Time to do our makeup. This is where I stopped thinking through this idea. So, here we go. I guess we’ll start with foundation. I put moisturizer on my face, so maybe that’s cheating already. Sue me. Please don’t! I think I’m going to use the bigger end to do foundation since that’s the most amount of makeup I’m going to put on my face. Seems there was some champagne left in the bottle. I’m just gonna take some foundation just… oh, yeah, put it right on there. This a good hack if you like, you forget a makeup sponge, but you don’t forget to order room service. Champagne by yourself in your hotel here we go. Oh yes. This actually feels really nice and cool. I’m really gonna try, just so you guys know. Oh, it hurts. Blend into the neck, ’cause you don’t want to look like an idiot. It feels really nice and cooling, especially because I’m all sweaty from trying to run out all of my anger toxins. [laughs] Massage it in. I’m not crazy, I’m a content creator. What did you go to college for hmm? Okay, really smearing it all over. This kind of looks like I got real drunk and came home at the end of the night and fell asleep… thinking this was a human man. We’ve all been there, you will. Ow. Portrait of modern millennial female, poised to take over the world. Alright. I mean this is definitely the wrong color foundation, but that’s the least of our concerns right now. Let’s move on to under-eye concealer. Oh no. I have this guy which has a stick I saw in Colleen’s that she used the stick and we’re just gonna try and put it on put some on the end there. All around the rim, now I’m just gonna apply it to our under-eyes, just gonna tap it. Oh yeah, gentle. This hurts actually also kind of refreshing and there is residue champagne on the lip of this, which feels like burning. Beauty is pain right? Oh. Ok. I can feel transformation. Any other liquors out there that want some brand deals, I’m wide open because we all know champagne’s not gonna bite. Ooh, wow! Who’s sleepy and has under-eye circles? Not me. Glug glug glug. Whats next? Let’s contour. Oh, no. I only have powder contour. Right. Well, here we go. Just gonna… dip dip dip. Its more like a scraping that’s happening and then just… Oh, wow. That looks great. Just chisel that cheekbone real quick. Dip dip dip. Ooh. Okay. And kinda ruining this product. Wow, look at that. Ooh. Cheek bones that cut you like a knife. Really, kinda dirty looking knife. Wow. Then we just blend it. Maybe we’ll just use this end to blend it. Oh, girl, yes. This is not awful? It is 1 AM, so, standards are the opposite of a college student right now. They are not high. Maybe that’s good? It’s enough. Now, blush. I’m gonna use my cheaper blush, you know. Here’s the blush I got for free. How about that blush? Ooh. Just get ’em with the tiny scrapes. Every makeup artist out there is like “aah!” Smile, ’cause you are an adult doing something… important. Okay, that looks like I have Rosacea. Perfect. Ooh This can blend it. I mean it’s different than how I started. Now let’s do eyeshadow. Oh my god. Here’s a little eyeshadow palette. Here we go. We’re gonna start with this light color. I’m gonna scrape scrape scrape and then just sweep. Oh, wow. Made no difference. Scrape scrape scrape. Oh, wow. Scrape scrape scrape, oh. Just some for the floor, pour some out for the homies. Oh, yes. Alright, now lets do um a crease shadow Because…mhm. Kay. So, we’re gonna take some of this darker and then some of this darker. And then we’re just gonna find our crease and… Oh yeah, oh yeah. Why is it going up into my eyebrow? Get out. Well, maybe I’m filling in my eyebrows at the same time. Really not terrible. Ooh, I know. I’m going to use the rounded top part cause that’s more of the shape of my crease. Like stamp it in. Nope, okay. Now just blend and get a real, ooh, yeah, real natural crease. Wow. Um did someone order a prom queen? Good because you shouldn’t be able to order prom queens. That’s very disgusting. Okay, other eye. Kay. Where’s our stamp? I know. Okay, cool in theory. You can do this. Now we just blend. If you ever watch any Kandee Johnson videos. She’s very adamant about blending being a major step that you can’t skip. When applying makeup a lot of us don’t wanna put the time or energy into blending, but it really makes the difference as you can see, wow. I mean, hello. Eyebrows. I got some gel eyebrow stuff here. Let’s try it. Okay I’m gonna use this. I’m gonna ooh ooh ooh Alright that wasn’t as bad as I thought it was gonna be. Oh, shoot, I smudged it. We’re going with those Cara [Delevingne pronounced wrong] deviled eggs eyebrows? Oh, damn. Oh, damn. The fun part about this makeup is that I don’t have any makeup wipes with me. I ran out a couple days ago. Yay! I’m also wearing a bathing suit as a bra because I ran out of underwear, too. Yay! Oh, but I did not run out of… looks. Beautiful. Mascara I can’t do with this bottle so I’m just gonna put some mascara on. I mean, it’s not really cheating because I look crazy. Oh… I did that when I got to use my hands. Capable AF. Oh, man, that might’ve ruined whole look. Last but not least: lips. I got some lip gloss. We’re gonna put it on the butt of the bottle ’cause who doesn’t like a little ass kissing? Kay. Then we… Ooh, nice, but it’s champagne. What am I doing? I’m gonna put it on the mouth of the bottle because this is a very natural position for me to be in. Ooh Okay. There we go. There’s my final look. You know, I think the wet hair might be throwing it off, so, give it a chance. Take it in [Dignified Instrumentals] Wow. Honestly, kind of better than I thought it was going to be. If you guys like this video, give it a thumbs up and let me know what other kind of videos you want to see from me. Don’t forget to follow me on all my social media platforms and subscribe to this YouTube channel. Why not? It’s not the worst time. We’re in a bathroom, drinking champagne, putting makeup on our face using the champagne bottle. We’re… fun. Ready for the airport. No, I don’t think I’ll be stopped at customs. We’ll see. Can you see the tripod scenario that you’re on? You are on…ooh, this mirror’s dirty. There’s you. There’s a tissue box. There’s two really good books I should read but haven’t. Um… there’s a pot and there’s a stool on top of a counter. I’m not an idiot; I’m resourceful.

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