American Ethanol "Mean Ethanol Tweets" – Is Ethanol a Clean Energy Solution?

ethanol is not good for us ethanol which has already been proven to cause more pollution than regular gas also destroys our engine at a faster rate I'm sorry I smile sometimes when I read these because we're so far off pace first of all gasoline in order to get the octane that we need for engines today particularly when you're talking about the smaller boosted engines use carcinogenic hydrocarbons like toluene and benzene to achieve the required octane ethanol on the other hand is a very high octane additive that as you more as you add octane to gasoline it allows you to reduce concentrations carcinogenic hydrocarbons so from a safety health standpoint ethanol is actually the safest octane and the cheapest octane booster known now as far as causing more pollution I'm not really sure where that myth started ethanol has oxygen embedded in the fuel as opposed to gasoline which has no oxygen so when you talk about greenhouse gas emissions unburned hydrocarbons carbon monoxide these are emissions that result from not having enough oxygen available when you burn the fuel to fully burn it to carbon dioxide and water when you have oxygen in the fuel like you do with ethanol that helps all of the atoms all the molecules in the fuel burn completely to co2 and water and it significantly reduces carbon dioxide and unburned hydrocarbons emissions

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