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– Hi everybody, I’m Alex Tait. – I’m Jacob Godbey. – This week we’re making a pale ale. – Yes. – For obvious reasons. – We’re also gonna add a couple flavors. We’re gonna add some blackberries. – Some cinnamon. Some of our specialty grain. (coughs) That’s good. – We’re gonna put all in this sock. – We have some leakage out of the bottom. It’s okay it’s common
for old socks to have – – A little bit of leakage. – Leakage. Our dirty sock is moving to the water. – Alright we’re here in
beautiful Lewistown, Montana. We’re gonna put the sock
of grain in the water. And it’s gotta steep for 20 minutes. – Put the (censor beep) in there. In the meantime we have prepared our hops, called hoptimus rex, which definitely sounds
like a weed strain. – You can only buy this in a few states. – Yeah. Oh God, it’s like really concentrated! – We’re also gonna add this. Gold malt syrup extract. – Six pound of it. That’s not good either. – Alright, get that dusty
old tea bag outta there. – [Alex] Go ahead and chuck her on the deck there. Ah! Dammit boy! (laughter) Fuck (censor beep)! Just scoop it out! I’m horrified, good lord. – [Jacob] There we go! We got it. – [Alex] That is disgusting. Now it is time for our molasses. Dump that (censor beep) right in there. – We’re gonna pop the lid on this bad boy. It is disgusting in there. Jacob is going to throw in
the second half of our hops. And I’m going to add our blackberries. And our cinnamon. Our boil has been completed. It’s now time to cool this bad boy as much as we can. Luckily we’re in Montana, and it’s about -5, -10 here out. So we’re just gonna stick it right there. – You want to get it down
to 100 degrees Fahrenheit as quickly as possible. Now we just leave it. Okay, we brought in our wort. – We filled up our fermentation bucket with two gallons of cold water. And we’re gonna dump whatever
the contents of that thing is into here. We gotta take the strainer out. And dear, sweet lord. – What is that? – Something has happened here. – Now we have to put on this lid. (pounding) – We now need to aerate the beer. One time in eighth grade someone accused me of
having a small penis. As eight graders do. I didn’t know the saying, it’s not the size of the boat, it’s the motion of the ocean. – Yeah. – So instead I said, it’s
not the size of the boat, it’s a couple of boats near an ocean. And they made fun of me
for that until I graduated from high school. All of me wants to die right now. – We are at exactly 75 degrees. – Take your yeast. Take your sanitized scissors. I’m gonna fill ol’ pipey boy up here with one tablespoon of water. Then you just squeeze
ol’ pipey boy in here. And that’s it. – [Jacob] Oh hey! – Oh hey, guys! – You just caught us at the
end of the bottling process. – Absolutely. Sorry, we’re just wrapping this up. We dissolved all of our sugar into here. Then you get this bottle-y thing. Go! – It has been a long two weeks since we put our blackberry
cinnamon pale ale into the ginger ale bottles. – But this is the moment! I don’t wanna talk about it. I wanna get down to it. – Open this up. – Alright. – Cheers, buddy. Oh God, yes. (gagging) – God dammit! (coughing) – Well that concludes the
first episode of Ginger Ales. – Yeah. – It was a blast. And we made a beer. That what’s you can call it. – Yeah, it has alcohol. It’s got all the things beer usually does. – Absolutely, if you wanna go out there and try
to brew your own beer. Now would be a good time.
– Yeah. And go like on Facebook. – Absolutely. We’ll see you guys next time. – Okay.

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