Alcohol On KETO DIET: Will Drinking Kick You Out of Ketosis?

guys we're here to clear the air on if how when should you drink alcohol and ketosis Blanc diet one of most common questions that we get yeah yeah here this this is my bottle of mescal so the answer that I gave is that I drink I do drink I do drink yeah you drink just to start off I'm gonna say that alcohol is not at all additive you health all these studies out there that good oh if you one drink a day is is what I'd like that's and he dropped they'll call is actually bad for you so that is not the same as going for a run a glass of wine Sam yeah for jogs not the same there is no amount of alcohol that's additive to you so and just put that out there we know that we're not advocating for drinking alcohol as a health benefit but we know that it is part of culture and I want to enjoy it I'm just a taste of it and we'll get into that in a second what do you little mess call lesson for you yeah and then to I mean I think that some of it comes with like a social participation and I think that sometimes that can be a stress relief and you don't need alcohol for that at all and some what I'm saying but it can be helpful so yeah I think it's you know it's the same question of what's most optimal and what's sustainable and you know I think that on a keto diet if you have everything else in on point you have your diet on point you're moving you're doing things to relieve stress I think it's okay to have the occasional drink every now and then especially in a social setting as a you know something to relieve some stress but there are some things that you should be aware of if you're gonna drink on a ketogenic diet yes so one of them is like I think the question we get probably most often is can you like can you drink on a ketogenic diet just kick you out of ketosis mmm-hmm yeah and you know the answer to that is it depends on the drink that you're choosing you know I don't how much and how much yeah exactly so you know one thing that a lot of people know don't know kind of interesting is that alcohol by itself can actually be converted to ketones in the body so but that doesn't mean that that's an effective way to get into ketosis a lot of the alcohols that you're drinking contain a lot of sugar so beer obviously has a lot of sugars in it a lot of the you know mixed drinks you tend to have a lot of sugars in them as well and and even like a lot of the lower quality alcohol's too can have different things in there that can be harmful to more harmful to your health and harmful to your state of ketosis so it's definitely not keto friendly yes not kid-friendly if I have a couple drinks though like a high quality alcohol and don't mix it with anything else I have no problem seeing you guys throughout that so it doesn't magically kick you out of ketosis it doesn't also keep you in ketosis mm-hmm even though I can derive blood sugar down paradoxically and ramped ketone levels up transiently the more you have the more basically it shuts down your liver and your liver can't produce ketones like it should be doing right and so that's obviously a problem so that the more you drink even if it's high quality stuff the more will take you out of ketosis again step gonna depend on a lot of individual factors but yeah it's not gonna be a huge huge issue a deal breaker and a lot of times what people don't realize too is that you tend to your tolerance for alcohol tends to go down a lot on keto yeah so that I think that's the next thing to maybe chat about is okay let's say you are in a state of ketosis and you're interested in wanting to drink mm-hmm right okay step one be careful yes very important I know when I first heard doing the ketogenic diet it was one or two drinks in and I was feeling like I had five or six eight it happens quick I'm not really sure I didn't really thought like I don't know if it's just good your liver is more efficient its processing and running through food tablets or what it is but yeah I don't know if it also could be just not having carbs in the day like maybe you're some absorbing the alcoholic you said maybe you're absorbing a little bit quicker because you're not having carbs before hand or something like that I've kind of wondered the same thing but it's definitely true like I know the first time when I started keto a couple months in I went out and had drinks and like couple B I was doing like Nick Loeb ultras and some light beers and like couple beers and I was feeling it was crazy you can just slam pretty easily on key tonight diet so be careful I'm in the month of the month you drink I'm gonna save some money which is nice alcohol especially if it's it's cheap date yeah so I think step two is really focus on what you're choosing to drink and so I mean we could have a whole video on wine and wine selection but generally speaking and enough so when the team members are pretty cute i Antony I've been a teeny he's like really big in Hawaii so here's our team sommelier did you give you tips on he did actually we went to a wine shop and he gave me like a tour around I got to find the best wine no wine yeah so the couple of things I always look forward I'm looking for wine is you're looking for the lowest percentile qahal so a lot of the most commonly store-bought ones that are a little bit cheaper are up in like the 13 and a half 14 percent obviously that's the more alcohol that's in is the more harmful it's going to be to you so I think shooting for lower than 13 percent is usually the goal so around like twelve and a half if you can find you know some labels will say that they're dry farmed if you can find that that's ideal I think the biggest thing that he pointed out to me that I thought was interesting was not choosing things that are wines that are made in the US because usually they're made in pretty poor soil so a lot of the ones that are made abroad they're more made in like biodynamic farms higher soil quality things like that so that's kind of some of the basics of what to look for with wine yeah I mean generally speaking if it's sweet you mean you're gonna know you're gonna taste that it's fine if we contain more sugar than that yeah and blends too like usually if you're getting a blend you don't really know what's in it so there's a good chance that there's probably some sweeter wines and some wines with some higher sugar content in it so those those probably aren't the best choices that either okay go into beer this is a subject that I think that just eliminating beer entirely is a good healthy choice I mean there's just so many better options so I mean if you're gonna have a traditional beer goodbye to ketosis it's like I quit drinking a typical beer to getting a sandwich yeah each beer is essentially eating a sandwich lot of calories yeah bread carbs and all yeah and so I know you can get you know like you said like some low carb beers exist here free beers exists but at that point like you're just kind of getting a terrible version of what it should be anyways yeah so my recommendation is skip you're all together there's better choices not really helpful if you're on a ketogenic diet yeah your thoughts in yeah same thing I mean there's there's a few beers out there like he said that our lower carb I mean to mention a few like Michelob and I think Miller Lite and Corona Lite I think are the lowest carb beers out there but none of those are really all that great so it's like I think for I've had a lot of people tell me they're like well if I'm gonna have a beer I'm probably just gonna have a beer that I enjoy and I'm not going to be having one of these low-carb ones that doesn't really taste that good so with that being said I feel like that beer is probably one of those things that it's better just to cut out in general there's not too many of them that are produced in a way there's gonna be advantageous to your health and III just react negatively to gluten and so if I have a beer and you give is a cruel light I'll get acne within two days yeah that's why I cut it out but I mean I think you make is if somebody like the goal isn't always to stay in ketosis for the rest of your life at all times and so if you just enjoy beer and want to have a craft beer every now and then and KCUR ketosis that's fine too ya don't need to stress with what this day of stuff to every single degree that you need to ya and that's something that I even do to like I used to be I do enjoy the occasional beer and I used to be most peoples like okay well I want to have a beer I'm gonna have one of these light beers but just really didn't enjoy so now kind of living this as more of a lifestyle if I'm gonna have a beer I'm probably gonna go for one that I enjoy but just understand that it's gonna probably kick me out of ketosis and it's not gonna be you know the best thing if I have a particular health goal but my lifestyle okay so the next would be hard liquor and so this is where I think people get into a lot of sneaky trouble mm-hmm so you go pretty much any single place and they make you a cocktail or I drink you can have Massimo sugar mm-hmm I don't care how fancy the menu looks or the type of words that they used for whatever extra active whatever like they make every single drink everywhere sweet that's just a way this yeah very true and so yeah any cocktail menu is gonna probably have 10 20 30 grams of carbs you know unfortunately and so I think the best thing to do there is either get something straight or neat or on the rocks to the high quality liquor I feel way better and we'll get into what I drink typically or to is you get like a whatever in sodas like a whiskey soda a tequila soda vodka soda with some citrus it's nothing it's a really good way to go if you can drink our liquor yeah and I think the other thing with that too is that you're also getting some some more water too with it and that because you know that could also be a contributing factor to why you're you tend to get drunk a lot quicker on Kito's because you're already a little bit more prone to dehydration on a ketogenic diet so you know alcohol obviously dehydrates you so I think that's one of the things there so when you take this if you're having hard liquors having them with water and some lime is so like that's a great approach to also you know if you don't want to do the necessarily alternating your drinks with water it's kind of way you can combine right yeah yeah but I would say just be careful of the cocktail in any kind of a drink menu and there's a matter of how fancy you are I'll sometimes ask for them with no sugar no syrup stuff like that but then they're just kind of bitter and weird and gross yeah I'll just ring still worse right so my drink of choice what I found to be the best and I'm kind of into like coffee and chocolate and wine and things that you can kind of be a little little fancy with yeah would be a mess call so here's one of my favorite bottles whole goryeo I don't know it burns it it's a type of stock day the reason I like mescal is because I'm living it so maybe you ask me some questions here we'll go through some ask all people think it's a type of tequila yeah that's what I thought similar so tequila is one type of agave it's blue agave what happens is though it's in mass production and it's not really regulated by the Mexican government mescal though there's about 40-plus plants of agave different types of and varieties of agave okay and mixing government wants to keep that like a prideful thing for Mexican culture so they highly regulate it so each bottle will have a lot of stickers from the Mexican government and they're usually in very small batches and so what happens there that the quality of it is you just extremely high and I just fun from the drink I like 15 bottles over here yeah yeah and yeah I mean so this isn't that I will just enjoy it I'll sip on it and maybe have one or two depending in Hall a party a little more yeah but these at times where I feel best on it I stay in ketosis the most and I got here with just experimenting for what works for me like what I like the most what I didn't get hungover on and whatever kept me in ketosis mas and so that might be different for you maybe it's FACA or whiskey or whatever it is yeah and so that I mean that's gonna be those we share is I test you got a test you figured out what works for you yeah and a lot of people I actually I read an article I came across the other day that there's a lot of people out there who are trying to mass produce like basically fake liquors now it's like a lot of liquors that you're getting at stores a lot of like whiskey whiskeys especially they actually have like whiskey research institutes are trying to prevent people from doing this but there are people who are putting like taking poor practices and trying to reproduce alcohol as these higher quality alcohols too so if you can just like you should focus on your food quality if you are gonna drink alcohol all focusing on your alcohol quality is gonna make a huge difference yeah I like to think about alcohol and drinking alcohol sort of like food choices and so I think about it like a non keto option and so for instance like maybe a food analogy would be a croissant mm-hmm if I'm gonna be in Paris look screwed I'm gonna yeah it's not like I don't care coming at you one yeah and I'm gonna enjoy the hell out of it and I think that the same thing for me but I'm not gonna like if there's a croissant at some shitty deli in Austin I'm not gonna eat that yeah I'm just like whatever this is a good look if it's a special occasion it's a really premium to a thing I'll enjoy it and I'll sit with it and so I think that drinking the same way for me if I'm in an event and it's just like smirnoff vodka and so they're like I'm not gonna drink that like I will drink only when it's something like it's an experience that a million drying or it's a good quality of like you know wine or mescal like if I'm in Mexico City I'm gonna drink em skull right and so this is how I treat alcohol now it's like I'm gonna be piggy a little bit more about it like the situations that I get myself into it yeah and another thing you brought up there is pretty interesting is the food component I think the probably the biggest problem with people on keto when they start drinking is that usually tends to lead to poor dietary choices as well so it might not be the alcohol that's the problem it's probably the pizza after this alcohol that's causing the big problem it's key problem yeah I think the last thing to wrap up with is it's already something that people don't do enough on a keto diet but be mindful of electrolytes yeah so you you can and will get very hungover on occasion a diet way worse if you drink and you do not palm the electrolytes and you should already probably be doing way more electrolyte supplementation than you are I'm getting pink salt electrolyte tablets whatever it is but whenever I drink now I will hammer a handful of electrolyte tabs before and I'm gonna get home then when I wake up in the morning yeah I think that's the biggest thing is trying to go if you are gonna be drinking prepare for it so try to go in you know having some food in your stomach is probably a good thing so you don't get drunk as quick having a good level of hydration and having your electrolytes replenish is gonna be a good thing so usually what I'll do the same thing it's electrolytes and water beforehand before I go to bed again electronics and water and then next day waking up having them again yeah so important do not beat yourself up you're not in the minority if you drink on ketosis you can still do it so that's in a I would say less unhealthy quit yeah again it's not really that healthy but yeah you can certainly enjoy it so thanks for watching if you guys liked it hit the like button and comment below and you can find me at Dr Anthony Gus Instagram and you can find me at 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  • You should really address the after effect of drinking on ketosis. My understanding, and I’ve felt this myself several times, is that magnesium levels plummet when you drink alcohol. It’s already difficult to maintain electrolyte levels while on ketosis, so this can lead to some pretty terrible keto flu or just general illness.

  • japanese whiskey (high quality as possible) stevia ginger ale (diet ginger ale) w lime on ice … whoa

  • I drink vodka on ice with lime slice once in a while and I noticed I get drunk so easy when I started on Keto diet

  • Tequila with salt and lime at the club. Yes, drinking alcohol, but hey, getting some sodium and vitamin C too. 👍😉

  • I drink organic vodka ( Prairie) w carbonated water , lemon & cucumber 🥒

    Any thoughts ?
    Please advise 😊

  • Last weekend I bought a extra dry bottle of Chianti. Had one glass. I was as buzzed on one glass as I was when I drank a bottle of wine before ketosis. Btw a dirty martini (triple distilled vodka with green olive juice) is a near perfect no carb or sugar cocktail.

  • 6:51 I have hardly had any pimples througout my life; however I get painful acne from eating potato chips; how come?

  • I tend towards rye bourbon or scotch cut with cold water. This is how the Scotts drink their single malts.

  • Bullshit! Not a doctor. This is Youtube… I am a doctor….no I am a doctor. Oh wait…I am doctor. I received my out of a crackerjack box. What a joke.

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