Alcohol Ink, Secondary Colors (ish), Glitter and Resin… THE BASICS FOR BEGINNERS

Bam Bam Bam we're live we're live Bowie we're live gentlemen up here we're live Lily what's up y'all there's no Joey I'm missing the mouse prosperity what's up Jen Bowie says hi Bowie says I don't you Bilbo he also says let me down mom not in front of the guys so there's that what's up you guys good news is that that resin didn't leak out of that triangle I guess now it's a tray but there's a painting on the back of it so it didn't leak out but it's still not solid yet either as evident by Jeff did this after I poured the tray that did not leak everywhere and it's still very much like if I put it vertical for any amount of time it's gonna slump like you can touch it because it's poured this so thin but like the thicker quantity one's super squish so I will unn Matt Anmol i'll unmold those tomorrow but you know what I mean for the maybe unveil will say unveil I will unveil the tray tomorrow Bowie you be sweet he's trying to get Cujo squirrels so that's fun I need it what happened hey y'all hey y'all me I'll heal so today I want to work with some alcohol inks and some resin and some glitter possibly cellophane I don't know it make it crazy I'm drinking water so let me find some stripper music and let's get this show going speaking of stripper music if anybody watched Jess snapchat last night things that crazy at drag bingo I'm gonna leave it at that what's up you guys what's better for a translucent epoxy color alcohol ink ink resin tent food coloring I would say that resin tent is best because it's gonna be the most light fast and it won't mess with the integrity of the resin anything water-based may weaken your resin there for opening up to it being less UV resistant more susceptible to scratches and things like that so I would say stick to things that are made to be in resin which would be things that are not water-based awesome JJ the surprise last night was a murder you guys are more than welcome to sippy sippy on my behalf tonight I'm sticking with aqua pura focaccia which is I don't know what language for purified water but it's just regular it says ARCA ballin on a budget I know last night snaps we're amazing for sure so here we go I'm using dark pink from Zig turquoise green from Zig blick ink marker refill in the shade canary yellow and of course staple in my stuff gold this one is from Ranger the alcohol musing is 91% isopropyl alcohol from mountain falls I gotta drop Amazon I do believe I have it linked in the description box below what's up Tiffani and everyone joining in mm-hmm the heat gun I'm using tonight is going to be this Wagner heat gun and the reason why I'm using this one as opposed to my go-to resin heat gun the am take HG six six one eight it's because I don't need the Platypus attachment and it's a lower air flow push so it's kind of more like an embossing keep good but I can turn the heat all the way up which would make the ink stain where I have it quicker or I can turn it all the way off and just move the ink around as if I was just blowing it around um so yeah that's I rezoned it okay wait a minute what is happening please hold I rezoned my button okay we're good decided kick-start it we're good we're good all right so I'm using one of our cradle boards that we sell in our shop I just painted it with some spray gesso and now it is baby bootie smooth my marker Brown I really need to have something super smooth with no tooth on it to have a nice slow for your alcohol inks right right step 1 drench with alcohol make sure you don't have any torches or candles don't do alcohol inks with moonlighting like candles because then you're gonna set everything on fire and that's no fun right what up Kim I think I'm gonna do these in like little sections in theory I don't know also as you can see my space is a little bit wonky nope too much it's the dealer's deal what hasn't it more quickly look at Doris what's your next video idea I don't know what I'm doing with that but right Nancy those are awesome products thank you for supporting our store um so I'm using this gun first at you can't see it but it says 650 I'm starting off with a low and slow [Applause] because I want to be able to really manipulate these colors [Applause] hey Carol oh no worries Norah's I just didn't know what you sent Pitt girl use any of my ideas you know that everything's free game here at a TV studios I want everybody to experiment with all the things doing all the things nothing's off limits for people to to create nope wrong one What's Up G lady Sheree Heidi [Applause] Oh yours I got you slow sometimes in various world but only sometimes so I'm letting this dry in patches because I want to have like dark rings lighting rings that squiggles throughout I don't want to do negative space on this one I'm kind of just letting it do what it wants to do with this juncture all I know is that I want these bright colors for the base of my resin piece so that's what we're doing that's awesome babycakes I hope you have a nice studio area set up to get your art on so if I were to turn my heat gun up to a higher temperature this would go faster but give me more of these lines because it would evaporate the alcohol that's in the inks making it stain where it is more quickly so just a little tidbit of information I'm hoping I'm giving the right information to you guys because all I know is what we do here sometimes I get emails from people that's like that's where how I do it and it turns out the exact same or better or different or not even almost affirm to which I always respond positively because as long as people are already it makes me happy I really don't care if people use my techniques or not but for the people that are in an artist thunk or need some inspiration or have questions about art that's what we're here for now not here so much for the people that already know what they want to do here at my channel go paint something with all due respect I do appreciate all feedback as well having said um it is the same kind of golden jeopardy it's just in a different it's in a smaller bottle I almost have all the upper legs dried then we can move ahead with sealing it in and adding the regime hello I keep doing that I keep hitting the pedal to turn I see going off and it's not attached to the pedal my resin heat gun is so gonna end up with like all the heat guns going in is not a good time done email anyways babycakes I wish I thought of that Nancy it's all the way dry already but here's our alcohol ink piece so far thank you so much Samia am I saying that correctly I do have the crike sealer tonight I don't know if this is that well took here I don't know if I ordered this and forgot or if it's the one that Teresa sent us but it is the proper sealant the important thing is that it's a UV archival spray and that it is matte if you get I think the satin is also okay but the semi-gloss and gloss have a lot of properties to it which will reactivate and fade all of your this and that is not what you want so make sure it is matte or satin hi Sofia okay so the difference in my opinion between art resin and stone coats art coat is that I get about maybe 50 minutes possibly an hour working time with art resin I get well into two hours with art coats and it dries more rigid like our resident seems like a really soft resin to me so I have to wait longer between shipping it after I finish it so that kind of hurts me a little bit and that's the only resin that Jeff had a bad reaction to he actually got resin rash from art resin and he hasn't never gotten it from any we've tried on the channel probably about a dozen or 15 resins it also art coat and withstand up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit so if I have any leftover resin and I want to make it like a coaster with it I know that I can put like a hot coffee cup on it and it's not going to discolor the resin or leave an indentation where it like melted it a little bit basically it's all the great things about art resin plus more durability and working time that's awesome crystal well yeah I don't ever check my mail agree gee lady so art coat is one of stone coats resin so stone coat has their countertop coat their art coat their quick coat craft coat and then store cast there may be one more that I'm forgetting but art coat is by stone folk what's up still – creation so can this spray is UD archival spray it is the matte version as well which is very important to have you here the satin or the matte so once your alcohol ink piece is fully dried you can generously spray this archival spray on one really good hefty coat is all you really need there we go also I have to say don't spray any aerosol anything around an open flame so Duras no mood lighting with candles but or our tribal sprayer spray paint we have one really good Oh also be in a well-ventilated area and have a maximum if you friend it necessary you should also probably have a mask on when working with resin because ultimately it is a chemical and beepers are not good for you to sleep in but if I had a mask on y'all be the clothes would not be able to hear me so yeah don't do as I do do as I say I think it it that moving backwards but you know what I mean Mike I've gotten well into two hours and beyond with art coat don't forget that if you buy any resin from or any of the pigments from stone coat use my code y'all Y ALL all capitals no punctuation to get $10 off your hundred dollar order with still coat will have so votes art coat back in my shop that order should get here in the next 2-3 days so now we must redeem but it what a meaning Bentley's the animal turret that's no good I really wanted to make it look like it glows so I'm really glad that you caught that I think it's fun so far very ethereal ooh that's a good word if I like this piece in the end I'm just gonna call it ethereal right so Aaron if you're good with the 45 to an hour working time I definitely would recommend doing your art layer with the craft coat and then doing your top coat with either the countertop of epoxy or the art coat that way it really seals in everything and protects it think of it like resin sunblock I I have heard of porcelain paper Judy has some and I'm supposed to have some but I don't know where it is I'll find it I'll find it and do a review for you y'all okay Reza I happen to have some resin on me what kind is this art coat sometimes it's just a little adventure to find out what kind of resin I've pull out from the dips of under my table I'm predicting that this will take less than what I'm making up but I'm making six ounces for this 12-inch round it should take it probably would only take five ounces do you need not like the surrounding paper noted does it crinkle and wrinkle and warp and stuff handy-dandy artist till death stir stick it does have some dried resin on it because I'm lazy and didn't wipe it off at the end of using it but it's on there it'll be fine I have no idea name oh it does warp that's not good cuz I use a lot of heat what up Carrie um G and Jen we're alone what's not fireball Deniz I agree Denise Deniz to get her bouquet down here Loree all of my stir sticks have like something on them but they still work and I never have issues with Craig getting into my residence oh I'm just rolling with it you know Kapali thank you welcome back ma'am what up sweet sour cream Vinny I gotta lose her star stick scary that's just a rude love it when so many fan tunes in so in case you're new to resin or to a stone coats resin I will get a little bit of info this is art cope I still cook countertops it is a two hour working time under the most perfect conditions not even the most perfect conditions I've worked it in like 50 degree weather and in humidity oh yeah just over there that's what she's setting me it is heat resistant up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit or I think to 60 Celsius which is more than double boiling water it is chemical resistant water resistant heat resistant I already said that it's resistant to every all the things except for maybe swine flu I don't know how swine flu affects it but it may and there's no order there's no death bubbles which is something I super love it's got a great viscosity it's not too runny it's not too therapy I know Jen you're the one dropping all that that's what she said phrases what's up bad booty it's just a great resin to work with it hardens really well the pot life is pretty long so it's awesome I haven't heard of anybody I don't think getting resin rash from it that's not to say that they're not out there nobody has brought that to my attention should they be out there Kord star that's what i would recommend to anybody ballin on a budget is do your art layer with craft coat if you're cool with the 45 to an hour working time then flood coat with art coat to seal it in oh my goodness what are you guys talking about mothership and stuff should I tint my resin or just glitter top coat it with possibly some gold veining or white that's my good new name absolutely Holly what brand are you using Dan right van all of the glittering Singh okay so let me get some glitter glad I got glitter you hallo magic ooh dan I'm sorry Chum sentence until drum what's up scarlet scarlet we got to work on that Sunset Beach piece cuz this is not the cutest thing I've ever seen Oh awesome Aaron um so you guys I have opened up my shops website brand whatever on like Yelp and Google and Facebook for like reviews and on my website there's were like an option to review the paints and products and things so if you get like a second dropper review hopefully a good one but if you've had some kind of bad experience I I never want to have any kind of false anything out there so whatever your experience I would love to hear about it and it would help my company if I have reviews it helps my rank on Google and things like that it helps people to trust that I'm a kind of know what I'm doing ESInet style you hate Chicago in the summer do you want to do you want to discuss that gimmick come down here and see what summers about so I am making a little bit of gold I'm using double-oh-seven because it's bomb calm / or / edu our genuine would love it down here in the summer it's just so like soothing walking on the Sun esque but like under a volcano like an armpit of a volcano that's what Texas is like in the summer September in Texas is not to soon drive down here you have to come down here and do the campus swap for our rounds anyways right right all right Florida is a summer for real dang are you coming to our Florida class I'm just saying let's girl it and just sayin what I'm Cindy Kim um I don't have info on the Colorado Springs one yet but I'm working on it right now well I hope to see you there oh yeah mobile is brutal I drove through we're gonna be driving through mobile again in September when we go down to our class okay fireball Denise has a bomb AC so I'm using some silver halo fine for this piece and I don't want to do too much was the last time I did this I overloaded it and you couldn't really even see what else was going on I just want a little sparkle and I might even add some of this in there as well I'm using some violet bling it Sparkle from primary elements or resin art I have it I have it available on our on our website just a little bit to give it that like pearlescent hue might do that might just do that Diane babycakes halo and double-oh-seven or two of my go-to things look at that like pretty purple like ghost shimmer I guess gen-i I take it back okay that was I misspoke now that I have this on here I'm like should I have doodled a little bit on the background but too late now too late ooh I'm really gonna love this I can tell already now I do want to make sure it has a really good thick layer of resin down so while this technically did cover it I'm putting a little bit extra right Diane oh thanks Jen hell of your entire guts too scarlet did you share with Doris that the secrets to obs I did Nene I did spray it with the sealant oh yeah Jerry Kaye this is how that happens [Applause] we're actually working on doing a class in Vegas as well oh good Scarlett I'm glad I'm glad I helped do Doris [Applause] all right so you guys need to pop the bubbles that were mixed in from doing the Part A and Part B and now we have just a little bit of purple Sheen and a good amount of glitter in there and now to decide whether I want to do gold veining or leave well enough alone the polls are open tell me what you think so Lisa the triangle is turning out really well it is in the dust free zone because it's gonna take another day for it to set up completely what's up me awesome damn so I thought I would still ask alright so I ended up using half I used 3 ounces so for anyone at home wondering how much resin you can get away with using on a 12 inch it's 3 ounces all right so let's do some gold ribbons shall we so this is my double-oh-seven all mixed up and pretty they're gold and it's already starting to float and flek up you can see it that highlight so fun when I just shifts all together like it's moonwalking across the piece now y'all are cutest ones so does that look I'm happy with it let me get my cellular device to a true color video so I can post it for you guns and we'll figure out something to do with the rest of our y'all my sister on her way to work this morning found puppies abandoned on the side of the road some jerkface just abandoned some like six week old puppies no this girl reminds me of is mehron so there we have it agree Jen anyways now my sister's on a vigilante hunt to find out who did it and I really pity the person if she finds out because she don't play PRV all righty all righty then let's let's make some moldy things since we got like some sparkly resin let's make some sparkling moldy things right where'd it up in my resin I'm Dan yeah I've had some people send me information on maker central Brenda and Mallory but will will definitely reach out to them new Clara all right so let's just go for it right right I'm only filling it part of the way up these molds are courtesy of the chronic creations and I have her information down in the description box below there's also code down there to get $20 off for your order if you want to get some awesome tastic molds I highly recommend hitting her up she does a great work Clara that's what she said nope thank you so much Emery goes to it been meaning to meet up with her so I can talk to her how much her magnetic and patello and gesso words have inspired my life now on this one I'm just gonna drizzle in some of this gold so I can have gold just at the tip start myself up move susannah Danks is a very talented artist if she likes that resin i would believe in it 100% so I'm squeezing these a little bit to make sure there's no air pockets and air bubbles I have actually used halo in like my hair and in my makeup before or so I don't know if it's like body-safe glitter but I have walked on the wild side fill her up so when you get these moles remember that you need to fill them all the way to the rim to make it easiest to get everything out of it after its set up fully I did van you also still have to hit it with some heat to pop some of the bubbles for doing pieces that are this thick I know that's what she said it's really best to use a casting epoxy because it's a thinner viscosity and so the air bubbles can release more easily leaving a less cloudy piece but I didn't mix that this Vitamix that's why we're using this to make this I also have this negative space at a lip coaster I'm just gonna just going to put this on here oh yeah Michelle I'm gonna try the iridescent paper on top of black spoon wedding soon well that didn't cover as much as I needed it to so it might just steal some out of here you know I just said you have to have it superbowl work with what you got people do what you got to do how funny I'm just making sure there's some resin across this whole surface because I want something on all of it mm-hmm don't even go there what that's what she said I already know I already know they want to take some out of this one – not that much oh well here goes it's gonna be gold and glittery I don't know what it's gonna be used for but we're making it making it there how did I say what I have forgotten so hope you all learned something today even though this is still squishy I'm gonna try to remove it so you guys can see something from yesterday's situation so frustrating yesterday so in this mold that we're making and probably will be selling for free form coasters we put a piece of cellophane and heavenly bling it interference from resin art and we use the super cast epoxy so it's not really ready to come out yet sometimes Jen should we move up so this is still real floppy but it's real pretty I will end up painting the outside edge gold paint him [Applause] yeah looks like mustard that's not cute abort he also had a seizure for the past couple days but they're really quick and bet said I dreamed of that and his vet said his condition hasn't worsened so we think that it's from low blood sugar so I've been like pumping nutri Cal and vitae Cal into his mouth anyways I will finish doing this and show you guys how it turns out and I'll do a whole episode on our new molds we've actually thought about going live a little bit earlier and we might start doing that this what's happened quiet tonight as I say that come here no has shown up to say hello to everybody I ordered some CBD and I can't find it now it's an especial for puppy's CBD and I had to vet check it out to make sure it's okay and you said go for it everyone says hi to you meanwhile Boies over here losin it a little bit getting comfortable I know Nene I love how he does this too boy beans as being real quite tonight surprisingly I think it's cuz he was over here chewing on something how well he wasn't supposed to know it was a bully stick hi Cherie miss Cruz how are you doing yes he doesn't eat all the loves he's a delicate flower so he's down there chewing on his little little bully stick no big Boyan they know alright y'all I have to take the little Nance's out to sleep nope that doesn't make sense out for a walk before I put moved to bed he goes to sleep early cuz he's a little old man so don't forget we have classes coming up in I know move classes coming up in Dallas and in Florida we're working on the Colorado one and also a Chicago one in the meantime I haven't heard from shy I will ask Judy she has I know but his seizures aren't that bad they're about four seconds and he doesn't like thumb up or anything it's not so bad I mean no any seizures bad seizure but I know it could be a lot worse anyways and Virginia um so okay Bo you won't come up here and say hi to people know it don't you on your brother I keep having to say that and I never thought I'd have to say don't you on your brother anyways mom mom um read all of our stuff check us out on all of our social media and easy Bui their palms and shoot me an email to having captions you can leave there he goes comment down in the box below if you have any recommendations or requests for upcoming videos let me know what you think and you kind of on another you never say what hey never know what someone might be going through like Bowie he's going through a little bit of separation anxiety from them anyways thanks for tuning in you guys we love you so so much and we will see you tomorrow same time same place 8 p.m. Central Standard Dallas Texas United States of America time bye

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