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Hi. I’m here with Kathy Kromer from
Michaels and she’s got a fantastic project combining alcohol inks and
candles, so lets take a peak at those candles, Kathy. Tell me about them. Well we just dripped the candle–or,
rolled the candle in the alcohol ink and it appears, and then once the alcohol has dried,
there’s no more alcohol in it. It’s just color. That’s fabulous. They’re beautiful and I can’t
believe that they’re easy
They look so fancy. They’re very easy. You just take a little bit of ink,
squeeze it onto your pallet paper. And pallet paper is just a shiny paper. It’s like wax paper. Could you use wax paper? You could use wax paper Excellent. And you’re just going to roll your
candle, just get a kind of coating on it. I see you’re wearing gloves to protect your
hands. It will stain your hands and you will look like a mechanic for weeks. Just
put it like that and then I’ll take a little bit here and drip it.
And we’re going to– And what is that that you’re using? This is just a little piece of cotton and we just dap
this on to get a coverage instead of dripping. Okay, I see that. Very cool. And I
can already see where the alcohol is dripping into itself. It’s sort of
getting that two-tone effect. It is and when you add the
other colors it’s magic. That’s so cool. How do
you decide what colors to mix? Well this–these three come in an
particular package together and that’s how I did these. I made myself
stick with the colors. Well that makes it easy. It does. This is looking
kind of Christmas-y right? It does. And then when you–just going to drip
around–you want to do this is a well ventilated area and– Keep it moving and having some fun?
Now you could do this with kids right? No, you may not do this with kids This is not a product that would be
approved for children at all. Okay, good to know. Let’s add a little bit more of this
eggplant and then I’ll show you what happens if we spritz. And if you don’t like section,
you just wet it with this blending solution. So you can remove parts that you don’t like?
Well that makes it really fool proof and easy. Oh I love that layered
look of all the colors. Alright now we’re
going to just spray this. So you’re spraying that with–? It’s an alcohol blending solution. Excellent. And I know you mentioned this
already, but what happens when this dries is the alcohol disappears right?
And you’re just left with the color. Fantastic. What is spraying it with the blending
solution doing? I can sort of see. It’s kind of like water color. When you
put salt on watercolor and it separates. its like that. it just kind of separates the– like
right here it’s very heavy in that eggplant. Okay, how long does it take to dry? Oh got myself there. About 24
hours. And it’ll be a little sticky. Great. And is there any rhyme or
reason to how you’re spraying it? Is there anything in particular that you’re
looking for in places to spray. I’m the kind of person that it doesn’t
really matter. I’m not a real precision person, so it doesn’t really matter to
me. It’s just how it turns out. Other people might want to be a little
more controled with it. Okay, so basically you’re just
covering the whole surface here. Right. And just let it drip down
to where you’re happy. So I poured a little more green on the top
of that. And i think I’m happy with that color. I think it’s absolutely stunning. So what I would do it put it over on
a paper plate and let it dry overnight. It’s mainly going to be a
little tacky right under here. Okay, and is there any problem
lighting this since it’s alcohol? No, once the ink is dry, there’s no
more alcohol. It’s just pigment left on it. That’s fantastic. What else can
you use alcohol inks on? Just about anything. It’ll go over
wood or plastic, and over here we’ve put some on some metal and
made a little wind chime. Is that silverware just hanging
from the wind chime? Wow. What a fantastic series of projects
Kathy. Thank you so much. Well thank you for having me.

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