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– So you’ve waited a very dry nine months, and now you just want to sit back, relax, pop your favorite micro brew or sip on your favorite cocktail, and believe you can dance again. So you’re probably wonderin’,
is it okay to pop the cork, get back on cloud wine, but does this pose a problem
while I’m breastfeeding? Well today one of my many
partners in crime hit me up and said, “Stef, I’m all
ready for Thanksgiving. “The turkey’s in the
oven, okay, I got my rose, “I got my breast milk testing strips, “I got the Friends: The
Complete Series on Blu-ray “all fired up,” and I did a
full-body record scratch like, (squeals) what is a
breast milk test strip? So I hop on Internet Explorer, and, no, I’m a normal human
being, I got on Chrome, and I start Googling these
breast milk test strips. So what it says is they’re
supposed to detect alcohol in the breast milk and
give you a peace of mind in just two minutes. Now this is entirely plausible to me, ’cause every time we do
travel assignments as nurses, each hospital checks
our urine to make sure that we’re not using any
sort of illegal drugs, or that we’ve at least
adequately flushed them out of our system. So the idea is you test the breast milk to see if there’s any alcohol in it, that way you know whether
or not the milk is suitable for baby’s consumption. So naturally, I went to Tar-jay and snatched up a box for myself. (muffled speaking from device) D’you know those exist? – [Target Employee] No. I don’t even know what it is. – It tests for alcohol in the breast milk. See if it’s okay to breast feed. There’s a market out there for ’em. Now the reason I got these strips is ’cause while I was researchin’, I came across all these people that were arguing their
efficacy, sayin’ that like, they pop positive for
orange juice, or milk, or so on and so forth, and so I figured I’d put
these test strips to the test. But before I do, I wanted
to address somethin’ that my buddy said to me at
work the other day, he was like, “Yo Stef, y’know you make
a lot of educational videos “on like breastfeeding and lactation, “don’t you think that’s
kind of a weird thing to do, “y’know, bein’ a guy and all?” And I was like, “Well, wait
you’re a gynecologist, man, “get out of here.” (laughs) Let’s go. All right so what I have here
is a variety of fluids, okay, none of ’em breast milk, due to the limitations
of what Target carries, and the unwilling women that shop there, but what I did manage to
get was some orange juice, some regular old cow’s milk,
I got a energy drink here, we have a pediatric
electrolyte solution, okay, some infant formula, and then
in here we’re going to use some good ol’ fashioned vodka,
okay, as our control test. So, the directions are to
saturate the ends of the strips, wait two minutes. If there’s no color change, there’s no presence of alcohol. If there is any color change,
you pop positive, okay? Now all these fluids are clear or kind of the color of breast
milk, less the orange juice, but, the pads on the
strips are kind of orange, and one of the claims I saw online was that orange juice
makes it pop positive, so, we’re going to give it a whirl anyway. It does warn that the
test is very sensitive, so much that alcohol vapors in the air can trigger a positive results. And I can assure that no alcohol
has been drank in this room in the last two weeks at least, and I will pour the bottle
of poor choices last, because I want to avoid
any false positives. Additionally, all these glasses
were cleaned with a soap that does not contain
alcohol, very thoroughly, okay, so we have clean
specimens to sample, all right? Now like the point-of-care
testing I’ve done in the emergency department, hundreds if not thousands of times, for either drugs or pregnancy testing, whether a machine is
reading the test or we are, the accuracy of the test is
highly dependent on the tester, and these need to be read
at exactly two minutes, per the instructions. So, me being the trained
professional that I am, and wanting to do this correctly, we’re going to do ’em one at
a time to ensure accuracy. So I’ve poured everything but the vodka, to avoid its vapors giving us
any sort of erroneous results. All right, let’s start
out with the OJ, ‘kay? Frankie, hit the egg timer. For real? Darts? You know we’re recording. (dart thuds) Good shot though. All right, I got this one. (upbeat rock music) (camera shutter clicks) (camera shutter clicks) (camera shutter clicks) (camera shutter clicks) (camera shutter clicks) (camera shutter clicks) (camera shutter clicks) (camera shutter clicks) So there you got somethin’, okay, and while breast milk, you know, isn’t 100% pulp-free orange
juice, and if yours is, contact your healthcare
provider immediately after you mix some mimosas, while this test wasn’t
specifically done on breast milk, it does tell us that the claims of people testing these strips
on non-alcoholic solutions and getting a positive result, might be skewed for one reason or another. Now you may’ve heard of
the pump and dump process, and be wonderin’, is this
somethin’ I should be doing, does it work, what is it, and if you’re not familiar with it, you can learn about it and much, much more about breastfeeding and lactation by checking out a interview I did with an internationally board-certified lactation consultant, Nurse Nancy, it’s one of my favorite interviews, I’ll show you a clip right now. Drinking and breastfeeding, Kate from Houston, Texas
wants to know about, breastfeeding–
– I want to have my longnecks! – Breastfeeding and drinking. You have a night on the town,
y’know, put back a few Zimas, couple pulls off a 40,
somethin’ like that, (laughing) whatever it is that you do. I’ve heard of pump and dump, I’ve heard of all sorts
of theories on this. What’s the general consensus on that? – If you are sober enough to drive, you’re sober enough to drink. Sorry, you’re sober enough to, (both laughing) let me start again, all right. If you’re sober enough to drive, you are sober enough to breastfeed. First of all, not a ton
of alcohol’s being passed into the baby, anyway. – Such a good time doin’ that,
but, there you have it, okay, the test strip claims that I
saw online have been tested. Now, if you want to see
more videos like this, go ahead, hit the subscribe button and the little bell next to it, and let me know down below what
videos you want to see next, okay, you name it, and I’ll
frame it, guaranteed, all right? Meantime, I’m Nurse Stefan and I’m clockin’ out. (clicks tongue) (soft jazz music)

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