Alcohol And Belly Fat | Here's How You Can Drink Alcohol & Still Lose Fat

you see I always preach a flexible dieting approach it's simply the most practical way to get to your fat loss goals the most enjoyable if I told you you can never drink another drink again for the rest of your life if you want to achieve your dream body then guess what how many people would want to achieve their dream body it would just be boring and lame well in today's video I want to go ahead and explain and show you how you can drink alcohol and still lose belly fat get your fat loss goals get your fitness goals all right let's go what's good YouTube it's your boy John mango and now I'm here representing beyond the iron I'm dropping weekly Fitness content to help you get to your goals faster and more enjoyable slope that's something you're interested in consider hitting that subscribe button couple things one if you stay until the end of the video I'm gonna actually give you a list of a few low-calorie drinks that will make this whole process that I'm gonna explain to you much easier facilitate that fat loss and want to let you know that I dropped any and all studies that I refer to or used to back up the points I mentioned in this video at the bottom of the description so check out the description below so why have people constantly for decades and years and years and everybody around you always blames alcohol for causing obesity one of the main reasons why it makes you Abby's right well the simple fact is people forget the fact which is calories in and calories out alcohol has calories now you may not be aware of this but I always speak on macronutrients carbs proteins fats there's actually another macronutrient it's alcohol and yields seven calories per gram if you recall protein and carbs each yield four whereas fats yield nine so alcohol yields more calories in both protein and carbs and as with anything else a lack of awareness of calorie intake that most people have it makes it very easy for you to simply go over your daily caloric requirement if which is going to result in fact gained over time so for people that are having a few drinks every night people always telling me you know the women at the studio would never they always be like oh I love my wine I love having my wine it's like listen the wine stopped making fat you can have the wine but if you're having three four five glasses a night it's gonna be a lot harder to stay within those calories actually another thing that doesn't help the cause of alcohol and obesity is the fact that and I've linked this below a study that does correlate alcohol consumption with obesity but just like videos I've made in the past videos that are circulating recently thankfully of sugar correlating with rise of obesity correlation does not imply causation meaning just because sugar is going up doesn't mean that obesity is directly going up as a cause of that okay and same thing goes for alcohol and there have been multiple studies put out since then because the one I linked to below showing and essentially getting people around this idea that alcohol is the reason obesity is rising or one of the reasons why it's rising it's so bad for you and all that stuff there have been multiple studies to come out to actually track and show that the calorie intake when controlled will not make a significant difference if you're consuming some alcohol so the first study again study context matters right if you make a study and you show correlation but you forget to mention or even track the fact that calories are at play here then it's gonna start showing some stood results and of course the second you publish that study the second a company gets a hold of this that wants to go against alcohol or whatever the case is then hey next thing you know we're here one thing is pretty obvious if you're binge drinking you know several days of the week then yes the chances of you getting to your fitness goals whether you stay in a caloric deficit or not your fat loss goal is whatever it's not gonna go over so well for you okay it's just the fact the immense amount of physical detriment that you're doing to your body psychological detriment you're gonna do to your body if you're drinking that much you're simply not dedicated to your fitness goals like it's that simple right and it's just because of the massive amount the endless list of negative consequences that come with binge drinking and having too much alcohol which of course we know at this point is unhealthy you know it on top of that it's gonna affect your workouts the next day it could even affect workouts for the entire week after a night of binge drinking your sleep is gonna be affected for up to a week sometimes even more which would impair your recovery and all that stuff so again if you are binge drinking and you're looking for the video that's gonna tell you hey you can binge drink all the time and still get to your fat loss goals then this isn't the video for you and I'm gonna be honest I was there at one point I used to binge drink very very often when I was younger and you know I thought I could get away with it until I finally step back and realize hmm I've been working out for several years and I've seen no gains the second I started cutting down alcohol to a more moderate pace at least now I hardly ever drink but if you can get to a point where you're cutting down and moderating it then there's no reason why you can't achieve your fat loss goals or even surpass them and enjoy it more by doing so so now let's go ahead and talk about how you can do this I'm gonna just go over some methods so the first one is gonna be the saving calories method now you're gonna be required to actually know how many calories you're in taking as well as track how many calories you've had throughout the day first before you can determine how many calories are saving in order to minimize damage done when you go out for a night with the boys or the girls you know same thing so calorie saving method is essentially this you know you can consume 2,000 calories let's say but you know that you're going out later tonight or you plan on going out later okay you're gonna have some drinks let's even say you decide to binge drink fine you know what it's it's gonna happen right so you decide that's gonna be the case but you don't want to ruin all the progress you've had or you've made so far so what you're gonna do is simply save a chunk of your calories for later on you know it's up to you to decide how much obviously the more the better to an extent so saving let's say 500 calories out of the 2,000 will minimize damage done okay so when you go up you have that alcohol also take into account potential overeating or eating after you've drank alcohol because you got to take that into account to to the fact that that may ruin your progress as it's gonna count towards the calorie goals so calorie saving method is my go-to because it's so simple so long as you're tracking calories and you're aware of how many calories you need and by the way if you aren't you can actually click this video right here and it's gonna show you how to figure out how many calories your body needs so the second method is intermittent fasting ok very popular especially these days I've made a video on that as well and I'm all for in a minute fasting because it is essentially the saving calories method but sometimes in Reverse right so you're saving the calories in the sense that you just start eating later on throughout the day for example or you have an eating window and within that eating window you restrict yourself to a certain amount of calories so that later on if you do go out and you do drink or even binge drink you can hopefully minimize the damage done to your weight gain or loss depending on whatever goal you're on now another thing do you know just to kind of tack on the boat those you could try tracking the alcohol itself and this may sound like oh my god I'm gonna be that person in the club that would do that yeah yeah let me get two shots of Jager Bomb hold on how many calories is that though nobody's gonna do that right but you could just simply use your phone type into MyFitnessPal my favorite app of choice when it comes to tracking calories they will have those drinks in here so you can at least have an idea of how many calories are consuming but that's gonna depend on how dedicated you are to drinking and getting to your fitness goals because probably just be easier to focus on one of the other in that moment but hey the more dedicated you are you can pull it off but then arguably you could say well if I was that dedicated I wouldn't be drinking in the first place into which I would say good point all right the next method is not binging yeah it's that simple I mean if you're binge drinking multiple days of the week again if you're been shrinking once a week even once a week binge drinking you're gonna hold your sub pack from gains like you wouldn't believe okay you're thinking well it's just one night again that's gonna stay in your system depending on how hard you go how let you get it's gonna stay in your system for a long time and then by the time it gets out of your system you're doing it again so binge drinking in general is so detrimental to your body and I hate to be that guy that says that because again I was there and I wanted to be cool and I was drinking like crazy and I was borderline alcoholic and all this stuff and you know what it's just not worth it you got to figure out what you're committed to and you know prioritize from there so there's no need to binge drink you can go out you can have a couple drinks don't go over that limit and you know what you get your fitness goals and you have a good time it sounds like a good deal to me like let's put it this way if your personality is only gonna come out when you're drunk then guess what you need to fix your personality we're gonna fix whatever anxiety or whatever's holding you back from expressing your true self when you're not drunk okay that's my personal opinion and I probably shouldn't be getting into this because this is a Fitness channel and now I'm starting to veer off into a rabbit hole where people can just hate on me for no reason and again once you to that point just like me I can go out to club to bar to anything and not have a single drink people think I'm the most drunk one there just because I'm bouncing off the walls so it's really just perspective it's really your personality and it really isn't necessary at the end of the day one drink every night not gonna kill you're not gonna kill your results as long as you're tracking it if you're not tracking yes it's going to start fluttering your results so just be aware and have it in moderation and there's no reason why you can't enjoy that drink that you feel that you need at nighttime and still get your fat loss goals that it's the whole purpose at the end of the day for flexible dieting so that being said I hope you understand now that yes it is possible and very possible to drink alcohol and still get to your fat loss goals is it ideal its an extent maybe not if you can moderate and control yourself it may be more ideal simply because it'll increase your adherence right so there's that and now as I promise you I'm gonna give you five drinks in a very low calorie just to help you out if you decide you want to try this out yourself so first we got gin and tonics then we got vodka sodas then we got tequila with lime juice then we got champagne and last but not least is gonna be rum and Diet Coke or better yet rum and coke Zero so all those drinks per one serving is gonna be roughly a hundred calories it's not less for some of them so there you go it's easy to find options that you can fit in within that calorie budget of yours and you know what have a good time people are gonna be wondering how how do you drink how do you go and have a good time this person's fitting they have a life that can't be man they must know something I don't be like yeah I watched John mangos videos and and remember that's 100 calories per one serving not 10 and that's it for the video everyone I hope you enjoyed it thank you so much if you stayed until this point I hope I made this one a little shorter is that's what I'm trying to do but again if you have any questions comments or concerns please leave them in the comments section below follow my insulin DME if you want me to respond even quicker and help you out personally that's pretty much it though like I said appreciate you watching don't forget to Like share comment and subscribe for weekly fitness company if you haven't hit that subscribe button yet I'm wondering why let's go you know I'm gonna get you to your goals anyway that's it thanks again and I'll see you in the next one

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