Abraham Hicks – Can I Be Immune to Others Suffering?

and are you refreshed good now what hi so I've had several of my questions answered already today I'm in a tremendous wonderful space in manifesting things appreciating them a relationship I'm in a new leadership position I'm teaching I'm very very excited about what is in the relationship sector I tend to sometimes become balled up about the what-ifs and I wonder about that being some form of sabotage for sure it's literally carving out pathways that lead to where you don't want to be unless it's the what-ifs that delight you when you think about them no no and because I believe they are tied to history of course they are and they're old habits of thought that have nothing to do with now but your thought is where you last left it so why don't you leave it in a new place if you could not ever think about that then there would be no reason to leave it in a new place but since it is logical and likely that you are going to continue to think about it then the best idea is to think about it in ways that feel better so we're going to give you a process this has been something that Esther's really been enjoying recently and we're calling that the satisfied dissatisfied or satisfied unsatisfied satisfied not satisfied so she opens her journal and she puts a big s over here and a big one over there and then she just sort of let life happen so something wonderful will happen or she will just feel wonderful in much the way you just described and so on this side of that she'll write a line that says let's see what were your lines I'm living just a wonderful life and I've taken on a new leadership role just listing those things that are easily satisfying nothing unsatisfying about it and then you said and a new relationship and then in the relationship sector so then on the unsatisfying part of the journal page you might write I worry about some things that have happened in the past happening again satisfied satisfied satisfied unsatisfied so now because you're right here where you have control it's not satisfied it's the end of the world it's not satisfied I don't know what to do it's not satisfied I'm beside myself it's satisfied or unsaid it's just in that controllable low momentum stage is when we're encouraging you to catch it so now you've written that and now if you will take that idea that you just wrote I am thinking about the unpleasant what-ifs then you might say but there are some many pleasant what-ifs and I have no reason to think about unpleasant what if these are just habits of thought and things are going extremely well and it's so unnecessary that I bring the past into this because there's nothing to do with it so now you've got satisfied satisfied satisfied not satisfied satisfied but this is the point on the subject of dissatisfaction you have left that subject in a place that you have never left it before well probably doing that today is not going to do the trick completely because there were a lot of things that you were worried about every relationship has a certain amount of insecurity within it in other words when your happiness seems like part of the reason is because of this other person then this other person sticking around feels like a pretty important thing we get how doing what you really want can make you know what you don't want but if you play this game with yourself it won't be long before there will be a new place that you have left left it you don't have to do that very many times and think about it oh we really want you to hear this when you're in concert with your inner being under the influence of your inner being your attraction power is way way way way way way more than when you're not from the very first moment that you had a I know what I don't want I know what I do want moment relative to relationship your inner being only focused upon what you do want so consider this pretend it isn't literally this way but pretend that your inner being is over there with that journal a journal just like it and everything's on this side satisfied satisfied satisfied service myself I said by self as I said on page after page myself I says it's a page that's right it sounds like there's less it sounds as I said you're the only one ever having any unsatisfying moments so imagine what this momentum is just imagine what that momentum is and then feel how once you tip the fulcrum so that you leave that unsatisfying what if in a whole new place so that you join concert with your inner being who has true knowing can you imagine how stable and solid you can be within that and it's like our friend was telling us earlier it's not the result of the test it's not the manifestation it's the torture that you do to yourself unnecessarily in the meantime yeah helpful very don't you [Applause] further forward yeah wait wait come on keep walk-in if you're not the one we met will whack you when you get here thank you for your teachings thank you for your questions I want to ask you about suffering about we're against it not making fun of it either it's more of a choice than most people know we will listen to you doesn't seem like a choice we know but it is what about those young kids do they but they suffer you see them suffering and they get born with terrible illness sometimes yeah do they get born with those bad vibration weren't those terrible vibrations count wrong well you know we've already had a conversation here today that sets us up for an understanding about this we're happy to have this conversation because when you think about what we were talking about earlier about knowing if you're in the receiving mode when the impulse comes to do something remember that conversation for example let's say that you are an adult as you are and you've been meditating for 15 or 20 minutes and when you come out of meditation you have a really strong impulse to contact someone and when you do they just tell you off they just bawl you out they just really give you a hard time and you might ask the question of yourself why did I call that person why did I do that where did that impulse come from and as in our previous discussion it was because there was something in your vortex that you wanted and that conversation was the beginning discussion of something that you wanted and so even though right now while you're taking a snapshot of the rightness or the wrongness of it and it feels all wrong it really was something that was inspired from broader perspective so we asked and answered a big big question today really for the first time about how sometimes when you are under the influence of your inner being that you might be inspired to something that initially looked like it was a bad idea like our friend talking about in more trivial fashion taking the wrong exit and then it turning out to be something that led to something that led to something that was really wonderful so you remember that conversation so these non-physical energies that are coming forth do you think when they are still in non-physical that they are in the receiving mode every one of them is every one of them is under the influence of Source Energy and so could anything that they are deciding to do from that point of view be a mistake or was that something really deliberately intended for some even greater satisfying reason that's how it is might be hard to hear but that is how it is it is hard to hear it's not hard to hear it's just confusing to hear it's hard to hear when you have some other flawed premises that you've been operating under like punishment and things like that well but suffering is real suffering is real but have you noticed babies will say pain is real pain is real it's also perceptual let's talk for just a moment and we are not wanting to trivialize this again but after some years ago was watching something on television that was happening to some people far away and it was so disturbing to her that she couldn't even stay on her feet she sat down it was awful to see and she said to us Abraham if watching this on television hurts me this much then what must it be like for those who are living it and we said well they're not hurting as much as you are because there's a relationship thing a perceptual thing because often when you were in the middle of something when it is your experience you're also attracting other resources that someone outside of it isn't attracting you see what we're getting at we want you to try to perceive that maybe you're not seeing it exactly as they are it's a stretch we know it's like what you all do when you make a movie about animals and you give them the personalities of people all the foibles and flawed premises that people have and you assign those to the language of the animals it's a little like that it's just trying to stretch you into accepting what we're saying a little bit is that as humans you sometimes takes worst-case scenario and then you lay it over the top of what somebody else thinks when they're not thinking that at all the hardest thing in the world is to watch someone else especially someone you care about having experiences over which you have no control that you would give everything that you could if you could control this is really an extreme conversation about how you don't create others reality and it's hard to accept that they would either I wouldn't do that to myself this law of attraction thing can't be real and it must not be true Abraham that I create my own reality because I would not have created this and we say there are two factors and two factors only that we want you to consider sometimes we say we didn't say you created our own purpose we did say you created it but in the case of someone who comes this way they did create it on purpose there's a path of least resistance that they're looking forward to demonstrating or experiencing every time no exceptions every time so this little kid that was born with this genetical degenerative disease and instead of growing shots good I'm growing and getting worse and worse and worse and from non-physical perspective said something like I'll go forth and I will not be like everyone else I'll be not normal I will not be one of those who lives things in such a satisfying way that anyone who beholds me just feels satisfied I will not be a perpetuator of conditional love or conditional connection I will be one who is different and if people are going to find connection with their source they're going to have to find it without me performing in some way that makes it easier for them and I will specifically choose I have agreements because this is the thing that keeps humans in mass from living happily ever after or even happily hardly at all most humans are living so conditionally that when just a little condition gets out of whack they freak out and use that as their excuse to hold off and then even more they become very commanding and demanding of others to behave just like they need them to behave in order for them to feel good so society as a whole begins to move towards satisfying the weakness in others inability to align and to direct and to deliberately create and sometimes energies come for sane I'm not gonna play that game anymore I'm gonna be different and those who love me and who are with me are going to have to find their happiness outside of my offering of my condition it's a suffering physical only or is it emotional is it more with the child than it is with those around the child is anyone suffering as much as you are does any of this make sense well we don't make sense to you does any of this make sense to you in other words can you step back far enough I do you understand the enormous problem with humanity that we have just sort of expressed here that humans are squandering their ability to live happily over things that just don't matter at all and that perpetuation becomes more and more and more so more and more energies are coming forth choosing different ways to be different in order to give you an opportunity to find a way to alignment anyway I'm going to have to digest that it will help you when you do thank you it'll also help you when you realize it was an agreement that you made before any of you came in from non-physical into physical and therefore it's not something that we're wrong it's something that's going really right sort of according to plans really according to plans we intended this we've wanted this because we wanted to know what we know as a result of this and we know we know when you are in your physical form it's like sometimes someone makes their transition sooner than those around them would like them to and then we talked about how beneficial that is and the audience all seizes up because they don't want someone that they care about to teach them that lesson in that way it's not about teaching a lesson it's about coming into your own power it's about finding your own alignment anyway it's about finding confidence and belief and faith even without the evidence that most everyone else would need to support that faith community about something else about your teachings about how your teachings are impacting everybody here today and a lot of people throughout their and not so much to Esther as through their individual resonating and then subsequent life experiences that they demonstrate so now there are millions of people demonstrating more living more happily ever after that's the influence but I strive to understand why didn't these teachings these teachings came in an easy way to human beings since a hundred thousand years ago we have to play with you a little bit about that because what's easier than if it feels good it is what's easier than a guidance system that is with you all the time and so sophisticated that the slightest thought in opposition to who you really are and what you really want gives you a signal that lets you know you're off and so the very thing that has kept so many from remembering that is the condition love that humans have come to live which this child that you're talking about has come to help straighten out the answer to this all-important question is being answered in that way it's so easy to love when someone is really lovable oh I love you so much I wish everyone were just like you if everyone were just like you then I could just love all the time not you not you you're not like that you're not like that when I look at you when I listen to you when I run around with you you make me feel hatred if you were more like this person then I would feel love all the time you should do God's work you should be lovable all the time so that anyone who beholds you loves you how's it working out because you can't even agree on what right and wrong really is because everyone has a different perspective everyone has a different life experience you should never run the red light unless there's a truck behind it it's gonna ram you Oh an exception all the exceptions make me nuts when you spend all your time quibbling over the exceptions and making another amendment to another amendment to another amendment to another amendment to another amendment well that used to be wrong but now it's right when you say kill me now you're gonna like that when that happens

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