About Champagne & Sparkling Wine : Quickly Chilling Champagne

Hi this is Dave for Expert Village. Today
we’re going to discuss champagnes and sparkling wines. Now, what do you do when you come home
and you have a special occasion and your champagne isn’t chilled yet? What you want to do is
get out your ice bucket, this will chill it very quickly so get your ice bucket, get some
ice and then what you want to do instead of just ice, if you put your bottle of champagne
in right now it wouldn’t chill through, it’ll take forever to get there. So you want to
do it quickly, so then you just get some water you can you know just place enough where your
bottle can go in and then if you we’re really wanting to have your champagne like right
now and not chilled this for 1/2 an hour in this ice bath. It’ll probably take about 3
hours in your refrigerator at least to chill this and you really don’t want to put it in
your freezer cause you could forget it and it would explode that type of thing. So if
you really want it cold quickly for the first couple of glasses and then you would just
put it head first right into the ice bath, just like that. What that will do is get,
see the neck of the bottle is so narrow it will get the first couple of glasses of wine
chilled quickly. Then when you’re ready to pour that and then that’s when you take it
back out and just you know just pour a glasses and just put it right back in your ice bath
and that will chill the rest of it and you’ll be ready to go for the rest of the champagne.

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