A shrine of heavy drinkers, Whiskey Factory [Battle Trip / 2017.02.12]

(Otaru, Sapporo) (New Chitose Airport to Nijo Market) (Nijo Market, 11:30 a.m.) Goodness, what’s this? What do you think? It’s winter wonderland, right? Gosh, look at all the snow. Sapporo is famous for snow. I’ve been to Tokyo and Fukuoka many times. – This feels totally different. / – Of course it does. This place is different than the Japan we know because it’s a planned city with a grid plan. If you look at the TV tower… Do you see that sign? – It’s says, “South 2, East 2.” / – What’s that? What that is… With this TV tower in the center, if you go 2 block south and 2 blocks east, you’ll end up at this spot. – So the tower is always the center? / – That’s right. This place is the fish market. Is it like the Noryangjin fish market? It’s a smaller market. – You’re right. / – It’s not big or flashy. That market is so much fun. Every time I go travelling, I always check out that country’s market. That way I can see how the local people live. It’s fun to check out markets… – In different regions of Korea as well. / – Right. You have to see this to understand what the locals eat. – Right. / – Look at this. I want to eat this. This one. – What’s this? / – It’s kaisendon, a seafood rice bowl. – This is great. / – A seafood rice bowl? (It’s popular among bloggers already) (Why do you need to choose seafood?) Narae really wanted to eat it. That isn’t a plastic food model. – What? / – It’s not a plastic sample. – There are so many different kinds. / – Too much. Salmon roe, salmon, crab, sea urchin roe, abalone and everything. This one here… – It has everything. / – Yes. – It has everything. / – It does. – This one’s good. / – Do you think so? – What’s this? / – It’s gratin. It’s crab gratin. – Let’s order this. / – Okay. I should go. Actually, I… For this certain program… I ate urchin roe rice bowl in Tokyo. The price was… – $67 per bowl. / – That’s right. The kaisendon I ate in Tokyo on Battle Trip was about $60. It’s about half the price there. Because over there, there’s the distribution cost. But here it’s all local so it’s cheaper. Direct. (Smacking her lips) How delicious is this going to be? – I’m getting angry. / – It’s okay. – It’s gratin. / – Gratin. It’s not a plastic model. (Crab, cheese and salmon roe combined together) (Crab gratin is about $8.80) Don’t touch it before I take a picture. – I’ll cut your wrists off. / – What the… I thought you were doing a monodrama. – Go ahead. / – Let’s eat. We’ll taste it. – Gosh. / – It’s so soft. It’s fluffy. – It’s like pudding, almost. / – That looks great. It’s like carbonara sauce. Ta-da. This is the first Hokkaido food I’m eating. Gosh, the steam. (Please explain the taste with words) Gratin’s so good. (I agree) Goodness. – It’s cream gratin. / – It’s gone already. It’s great how the roe bursts in your mouth. – It bursts in your mouth. / – Look at this! – Gosh. / – It’s good. The gratin cheese is so soft. – It’s not greasy. / – The eggs pop. (Here comes the main menu) Gosh, this is art. Gosh. – They give so much. / – Check out the color. (Seafood rice bowl is about $42.60) Hokkaido sea urchin roe is the best in Japan. That’s why Tokyo restaurants use Hokkaido produce. But we ate it local. – I looked up a lot of blogs. / – Okay. Korean people don’t know how to eat it, so they mix everything like bibimbap. – But that’s wrong. / – You can’t tell what it is then. – First, you put wasabi on top. / – Pour it on. Then you put the roe on a spoonful of rice. – Good thing I put a little soy sauce. / – Yes. You eat it like this. Ta-da. (Let’s eat some crab first) (Frowns) You need to make that face. – What do I do? / – We were being sincere. It’s so good. My goodness. They cooked the crab medium rare. You need to eat it with rice. (Let’s try the salmon) (Look at the size!) This is like it’s from “Shota no Sushi.” – I’ll take a nap now. / – What? What? You can’t talk because it’s so good? The salmon is so thick. It has a great texture. Gosh, I got goose bumps. This is one of the best food I’ve seen on Battle Trip. – Really? / – It’s the best. Let’s try the urchin roe. – Because it’s expensive. / – It’s fun to choose. This much rice with the roe. Like this. Tell me if it’s fishy. I’ve never tried it before. Tell me if it’s fishy. I’ve never tried it before. – You look angry. / – Wait. – What? / – It’s fishy so don’t eat. You jerk. – She’s angry. / – Why? So she can eat it alone. She tried to stop me. (Will Doyeon like the urchin roe?) How is it? It’s not fishy, right? It’s sweet. – Isn’t it? Fresh roe is sweet. / – Gosh. It’s thick so it has a great texture. Gosh. It just melts in your mouth. – Eat slowly. / – I’m upset. I want to smear it on my tongue every morning. Exactly. Look outside. It’s snowing. – Nice. / – It’s snowing. I think we’ve had a good start. Do you have a nice plan for later? What do you want to do? We have to get drunk so I think you’ll know best. – Near here… / – Yes? There’s a sacred place for alcohol lovers. A sacred place for alcohol lovers? Sapporo is famous for beer but it’s also known for its whiskey. – Really? / – Whiskey. The air is fresh and the water is clean. And it’s cool in summer too. So it’s great for storage. – That’s nice. / – Whiskey. – Whiskey. / – That’s right. This is crazy. Look at that. It’s completely covered in snow. It’s so… Look at the sky. The sky and the road are so pretty. – I can feel my stress melting. / – Right? Just watching the scenery. – The snow itself heals you. / – Yes. I know this sounds cliche… But this feels like “Frozen.” ♪ Let it go ♪ (Humming from the idea of getting drunk) It’s a whiskey distillery. I really want to try the kaisendon. (Whiskey distillery, 1:10 p.m.) – Look at the building. / – Doesn’t it look great? – Hokkaido will make you drunk. / – Right. You can’t get drunk if you don’t come here. – Why? What’s this place? / – It’s this. – Alcohol! / – That’s right. We know how to drink alcohol but we don’t know how it’s made. Scotland is famous for whiskey. Sapporo is very similar to Scotland. Not just weather but also the scenery as well. That’s strange. It’s well known worldwide. – I never knew. / – Narae studied a lot. I did because I love liquor. Is this place open to the public? Yes, there’s a tour you can take. Also you can do tastings. – Doesn’t it look like a resort? / – Yes. – It feels like a resort, right? / – Goodness. – It’s so pretty. / – Look at the trees. It’s Japan but it doesn’t feel like Japan, right? It’s a completely different place… From the outside. It’s very old but they preserved it very well. That’s why so many alcohol lovers come here. We must check this place out. – As the CEO of Narae Bar… / – Of course. I want to feed my customers fine alcohol. You don’t mix cold medicine with alcohol anymore? – Only sometimes. / – Really? Because it’s absorbed faster than water. What’s that? It’s a real distillery. – It was built in 1934. / – I’m jealous. It’s been preserved so well. When it’s first made, the liquor is clear. It says pure malt. Right. But after 5 years, the color changes like this. The volume decreases as well. The volume decreases naturally. That’s right. As it ferments, the volume decreases… – And the color gets darker. / – Gosh. – That’s fascinating. / – That’s interesting. But hasn’t the volume decreased too much? – It’s such a waste. / – I’m so upset. – Does it evaporate? / – Yes. Now… (There!) – Well… / – What did you see? There it is. That looks great. Let’s go. – Narae Bar. / – It’s so nice. (Hokkaido whiskey are displayed) Narae can’t help but fall in love. There are many kinds of whiskey. Are they all Japanese? Yes, they are. These whiskeys are produced… – By excellent distillers. / – There are plaques. – They received awards. / – International awards. – For free? / – No. – Oh, no. / – Tasting bar… Here… Each glass… (Can you recommend…) – Delicious? / – Yes. – Soft whiskey. Very smooth. / – Oh, soft. (Shaking her head) – Hard, hard. / – Hard. She wants hard liquor. Burn. (You know something like this) You want it to hit you in the back of your throat. Very strong. – Alcohol 57%. / – 57%? Then… (What about the other one?) Please recommend two shots. (Here!) – This one’s soft. / – The softest and strongest. Okay. – Okay. Let’s take this. / – Yes. Wait a minute. I can’t just drink it. This isn’t Narae Bar. It’s Narae and Doyeon Bar. – NaDo Bar. / – Oh, NaDo Bar. Everyone wants to come to NaDo Bar. Please don’t do that with your shoulders. Everyone wants to come to NaDo Bar. – Great. / – That’s why I brought this. Narae Doyeon Bar is open. (To tell you about this…) Here. This is too cute. – Ta-da. / – What’s this? My goodness. Every bar we go, we’ll turn this on. When we start drinking, we’ll turn it on to show that the bar is open. Just like the neon sign at Narae Bar. That’s why I brought this. Narae Doyeon Bar is open. Open. (We turn this on to get hammered) – Cheers. / – Cheers. (We turn it on and summon alcohol) Did you think it was over? (It’s the alcoholic goblin) – Alcoholic goblin. / – Alcoholic goblin. Open. Narae Doyeon Bar. I can’t drink… But when you do it like that… – I feel like drinking. / – You get curious, right? – Yes. / – You do. – Cheers. / – Cheers. – They give you only a little. / – Yes. Why do your eyes look drunk already? – She’s getting ready. / – That’s right. (Fire!) I told you not to do bottoms up. (Smiles) (She drank it at once) – He was quite surprised. / – I was going to taste it. Do you want to try a few drops? Are you kidding me? When I drank this… I could feel how my organs are connected. – You’re right. / – My body’s getting warm. Try this. Do you know what this feels like? – We just came in from the cold. / – Yes. Your stomach… It’s like being heated by a hot floor. It gets all warm. Try it. Don’t drink this in one go. Okay. (What is the difference between the two?) Tell me what you think. I said I could feel how my organs were connected. The first whiskey went down a narrow path. This one went down a wide road. This one feels like a heat pack. This one is a regular path. – This one is like a shortcut. / – Gosh. What did you think? I couldn’t taste this one. – Should I order another one? / – I’m sorry. You should just order a bottle then. (She pretends to be drunk) Why can I understand you? If we stay here, we’ll finish all the liquor here. We need to wake up. Let’s not get drunk now. – After one shot? / – $5, $4. That’s not bad. – There are some that are free. / – That’s right. – I wanted to stay there longer. / – Where is the shop?

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