42 thoughts on “A Daughter’s Last Days l 20/20 l Part 3

  • I reckon she was strangled on the beach and then dragged to bathroom coz how else would u explain the sand on the bottom of her feet.

  • Truly a great mother with good common sense, and I also knew immediately that the boyfriend had killed this girl because there is NO WAY IN HELL that this girl could have hung herself off THAT shower head without breaking the shower head off, bending it down or tearing it right out of the wall, even if she only weighed 50lbs because like the experts said, her body would have automatically been thrashing around as a result of hanging.

  • That jealous old fucker of a boyfriend who was twice her age definitely killed her, He couldn't stand being looked at when he was with her as a father figure.

  • That was not a suicide. I'm sure she would have done it that way wouldn't the shower had have pulled out or broke. Know somebody who tried it didn't work. My mother committed suicide and hung herself and yes there was total differences and what I saw in this case and my mother's. Like they said the clothing the hair the makeup. They clue bracelet on wrong arm. I hope they reopen this case and try this man for murder

  • Whatta dumass detective the mama bear should be the detective on that PD. the detective is a freakn idiot 100% moron

  • how sad you are amazing woman you done right as they say if you Carn't get anything done you have to do it yourself these days it goes for everything I do hope you heal and your daughter is with you always she is your angel 😇 she will be very proud of you for pressing and investigating your daughter death you know I wonder why we have police most of the time

  • There's not enough pressure for her eyes to hemorrhage of she "hung herself". Joe is behind this. Chica went out to meet with her manipulative boyfriend and after she said something's that caused his abusive ass to reel in anger the dumbass strangled her and carried her up to the room, then set it up. Burn him.

  • I'm sorry but lmaoooo "either she was carried into that room, or she levitated" I choked on my salad at that one.

  • Look ABC, I KNOW YOU WANT THE VIEWS, BUT BRAH! Can we lump all the relevant stories together ? I can't keep hunting for part 2,3,4,5,6 etc…gimme a break !


  • So he goes on vacation with his wife and takes off and doesnt come back. Hmm wonder why… what a bastard I would have killed him myself screw the legal system what bullshit

  • It’s sad how when the police meses up all they care it’s about covering up the crime so they won’t look stupid and to cover up for incompetent cops that don’t know how to do their job. They will pay for this God’s justice is grater than human justice, those cops have kids I can’t just get into my head how can they do this to another parent.

  • shocking police work – This poor mother, she is truly incredible and fought for justice for her daughter which is what the police should of done….

  • In my opinion he did it. As far as evidence there isn't enough evidence and proof that he did it.
    If she was suffocated the fibers from the pillow should've been in her lungs.

  • Wow heart breaking i couldnt imagine but your one hell of a mother / women dont mess with a mother and her child we will become detectives, cops , whatever we need to , to get justice or help our children this is one of those instances love always out weights evil

  • ABC – your videos suck! Is it so hard to label them 1, 2, 3? What happened to the ending? You ALWAYS LEAVE IT HANGING ON EVERY SINGLE VIDEO. I REALLY HATE YOUR CHANNEL! FUCK YOU ABC, PLENTY OF OTHER CONTENT ONLINE. FUCK YOU!!! NEVER COMING BACK!!!

  • The middle-aged moron gets a young girl that's still living her life and he wonders why he can't control and own her.? What did he expect going out with a much younger woman. He's older and settled in his ways and expects her do be the same ? Stupid ass thinks people are like dogs that can be just trained .

  • You are such a great mother,I am sorry that you are doing it instead of grieving I have to say if I could I would have helped

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