#5 Wine of 2018: Moët & Chandon Brut Champagne Dom Pérignon Legacy Edition 2008

Dom Pérignon is probably one of the
best-known Champagnes from France, but here we have a number of factors that
contributed to make it our number 5 wine of the year. First of all, we’re
talking about the 2008 vintage, so 2008 was actually a pretty classic Champagne
vintage, it was cooler during the growing season with some periods of rain, but
that is a contrast to what we saw in a lot of the early 2000s where you had
warmer conditions. And probably going into harvest, most people didn’t think
that 2008 was going to be a great vintage, but then they had two weeks of
sunny, dry, windy weather that kind of sealed the deal for the vintage. It
helped the grapes to ripen, they maintained the acidity that they had
from the cooler growing season and that kept with the cool nights they had and
all of a sudden they had the spectacular vintage on their hands. The thing I love
about the 2008 Dom Pérignon is that you get the hallmark 2008 acidity as a
backbone but then it’s kind of cloaked in this beautiful satin-like texture and
that texture is what carries all the flavor on your palate. It has citrus
spice, mineral, toast notes, everything you could want from a beautiful Champagne.
Because Dom Pérignon is so well-known, sometimes it flies a little bit under
the radar when it comes to connoisseurs and wine lovers everywhere. It’s
something that you see on wine lists a lot of times in lots of wine stores, but
the fact is that this is a wine that wowed our tasters, it wowed me in my blind tastings. It’s something that is a classic example of Champagne, it shows
classic character of the vintage and the expertise of the chef de cave Richard Geoffroy and that’s why this is our number 5 wine of the year

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