5 Amazing Resveratrol Benefits And Foods You Need To Know | Nutrition Facts

Ever heard about resveratrol, that compound
in red wine that’s said to work wonders for your body? In this video, you’ll learn about what resveratrol
is and why it’s an important ingredient for your healthy lifestyle. Are you interested in boosting your resveratrol
intake? Watch until the end of the video to know the
6 best foods that are filled with resveratrol. WHAT IS RESVERATROL? Resveratrol is a natural plant compound that
is found mostly on the seeds and skins of fruits, particularly in berries and grapes. This compound is widely known for its health
benefits, including boosting memory and contributing to the recovery from some diseases like lung
cancer, bowel cancer, and Alzheimer’s. In fact, a study conducted by researchers
at Georgia State University found that resveratrol may also help suppress inflammation linked
to diseases in the upper respiratory tract. Resveratrol is also known to play a role in
the “French paradox,” which is an observation made on French people who are known to eat
lots of butter, cheese, and other fatty food. Despite the seemingly unhealthy diet, there
is still low incidence of heart diseases among French people. This can be attributed to drinking red wine,
which is one of the best sources of resveratrol. WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS? Resveratrol has gained attention for its disease-fighting
and anti-aging properties. Studies were mostly animal-based, and there
is so far not much data to support its direct effects on the human body. Nevertheless, here is an overview of the health
benefits as supported by previous studies: 1. Resveratrol Rids the body of toxins: It acts
as an antioxidant that decreases toxins, inflammatory substances, and free radicals in the body. 2. Resveratrol May contain anti-aging properties:
It may not cause you to look younger, but it protects the body against age-related diseases
such as Alzheimer’s. It also helps trigger autophagy, a process
where damaged cells are replaced with new ones. 3. Resveratrol reduces inflammation: Resveratrol
blocks COX enzymes; that is, basically the same ones being targeted by painkillers. It also blocks NF-kB, HMGB1, and STAT3 which
all play a key role in the health of people with chronic inflammation. 4. Resveratrol Keeps the heart healthy: After
4 weeks of drinking a healthy amount of alcohol-free red wine, people with a high risk of heart
disease will find a decrease in blood pressure. This is because resveratrol increases nitric
oxide, which helps relax the blood vessels. 5. Resveratrol May provide protection for the
brain: In a few animal studies, it was found that resveratrol reduces the frequency of
seizures and provides protection for the brain’s hippocampus. Interested to include resveratrol-rich food
in your diet? Here is a list of the 6 best food to eat to
upgrade your resveratrol intake: 1. Red grapes
This is probably the one with the highest source of resveratrol. 2. Red wine
They say a glass or red wine 3 or 4 times a week is healthy for the body. While red grapes already have a fair amount
of resveratrol, the fermentation process increases this amount. 3. Dark chocolate
Now, dark chocolate isn’t only to satisfy your sweet tooth, it’s now good for the
heart, too. 4. Peanuts
Nuts and nut products such as peanut butter are also good sources of resveratrol. 5. Grape juice
All-natural grape juice provides the same benefits as red grapes and red wine. 6. Berries
While berries have lower amounts of resveratrol compared to grapes, they are still a great
source of antioxidants, vitamins, and dietary fiber. The best choices are blueberries, cranberries,
and bilberries. While resveratrol is known for the health
benefits listed before, there still isn’t enough data to determine the exact dosage
needed by the human body. Still, consuming the food listed previously
will boost your diet. If you’ve enjoyed this video, make sure
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