3 Weird & Wonderful Wine Gadgets | Amelia Singer

Hi welcome to Drinks Tube, my name is Professor
Amelia and I love wine. I love to make it fun and bring the best of it to you guys.
So today we are going to be looking at wine gadgets. There’s lots of wine gadgets out
there on the market but I’ve been conducting a few experiments in order to show you guys
a few of my favourites. If you have an expensive bottle of wine or if you’re a red wine drinker
whilst everyone else is on white then the Coravin is the perfect solution for you. Coravin
essentially allows you to pour wine from a wine bottle without having to open it. Come
and have a look. OK so here is the needle and there is where the pressurized argon gas
is. Don’t worry its completely harmless. What you do is clamp the Coravin around the wine
bottle purge the argon gas through the needle. This is important because when you insert
the needle into the wine bottle you do not want any oxygen getting into your wine. So
now you’re ready to pour. All you have to do is tip the bottle so that the cork is at
the bottom then you just want to release the argon gas in short bursts like that to allow
the wine to pour through. How cool is that. I think there’s enough wine there. I think
that will do. So then all you have to do is raise up the needle and the cork reseals itself.
This is super important because this means that no oxygen can get into the rest of the
wine which means that then you can drink this tomorrow, next week or even years to come.
Now there’s a slight catch it only works with an actual cork and it is quite pricey but
if you’re really into your wine you cannot get a classier bit of kit than this. Are you
ready to drink your wine now and can’t be bothered for the one hour to let it breathe?
The the Vinturi Aerator is the gadget you need in your wine drinking life. All you have
to do is pour the wine through the center of the aerator this then decreases the pressure
here which allows oxygen to be sucked in through the inlets then when the wine comes through
that little funnel it will then blend with the oxygen which therefore means it is infused
heightened oxidation which enables it to release even more flavour and aroma. There you go.
A fully aerated robust red wine. Mmm. They have designed this gadget to make sure the
wine is perfectly infused with the exact amount of oxygen to enhance its flavours, its aromas
and ultimately create the perfect silky finish. If you wanna enjoy a big red and just don’t
have the time you can fully open up a gorgeous bottle in literally seconds. And at a relatively
affordable price this is perfect if you are a wine lover or makes a wicked gift for a
wine lover that you know. Now you just want a really lovely chilled glass of white or
rose but you haven’t put it in the fridge. Well we’ve all been there and now there’s
a perfect nifty little gadget the Napa Wine Chiller. This Napa Wine Chiller you keep in
your freezer and when you want that chilled glass of white, just take it out put it in
your glass and it lowers the wines temperature from room temperature to chilled. Nice. This
is a really cool piece of kit because unlike ice it doesn’t actually dilute the flavour
of the wine at all. It’s made from a lightweight stainless steel and the reason why it can
maintain in it’s chilled temperature is because of this really cool bit of technology called
an arctic core and this basically allows it to remain chilled and keep your wine chilled
for at least two hours. It’s relatively affordable and the best part is you can use it as many
times as you like. So there you have it 3 gadgets all to help expand your wine drinking
horizons so go on give it a go and let me know how you get on in the comments box below.
And if you want help finding the perfect wine for you then just look at my guide by clicking
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26 thoughts on “3 Weird & Wonderful Wine Gadgets | Amelia Singer

  • Those are way too expensive. I managed to find that (or similar) Wine Aerator here (Hungary) for around 7 dollars. Works the same.

  • If the big metal ball is too expensive, you can get plastic ice cubes (filled with liquid) to keep in your freezer and not dilute things 🙂

  • Or, you know, just do it like I do: Go to a store and stand in front of way too many wine bottles for hours until you half randomly chose one, go home and notice that you can't find your corkscrew and try opening the bottle with a knife instead until you accidentally cut one of your fingers off. Works for me every time.

  • 300€ für n weinöffner?
    Aber mein Tetrapack Wein von Edeka kostet nur 1,50€ lohnt sich das? ^^
    Den erwünschten Zustand des Besoffen seins wird auch durch aus der Flasche trinken erreichen ^^ vllt in 10 Jahren wenn ich jemals Geld im Überfluss haben sollte.

  • So here is the problem with food/drinks tube, you still have the TV presenter mentality (too cheesy/overexadurated all the time), most of us here escaped from TV, but Jamie the creator was born on TV, be yourself people, dont need to put on a show, we are here for the recipies.

  • Do u take the Napa cooler out of the glass before you drink it? What is stopping the cooler from rolling out of the glass and hitting you in the face? Just curious. Great Video though! Keep at it!

  • Wow this is fantastic! Thank you very much for this video. Appreciate it. Now I finally know what to get wine lovers as gift! 

  • Most people I know buy the 2 buck chuck from Trader Joe's and drink the entire bottle. No need for fancy extras there. Hahaha. 

  • Napa Wine Chiller UNEXPENSIVE AND FANCY alternative: Keep a few frozen white grapes in your freezer and use them as if they were ice cubes. Every guest that asks me for a colder glass of wine is amazed by this simple little trick! 😉

  • Those were some nifty gadgets! I'm not fond of the first one but the second two I would definitely consider buying! I never let my wine sit for an hour. I really need to start doing that. I get so impatient! Do you let only red wine sit or is for both red and white? Wine is so tasty!🍷

  • 2:30 the aerator is using those air inlets on the side as part of a venturi to increase aeration, but because you are pouring (presumably) too slowly, the wine is just coming out of them and no aeration is happening.   (Note the liquid going sideways outwards through the channels = fancy silly-straw for your wine, not an aerator)

  • This is probably one of my favourite videos on this channel, ahaha. She is probably one of my favourite DrinksTube… members? Whatever they're called! I love some science!

  • Or you can buy grapes freeze them and put them in your glass since wine is made from grapes it won't dilute it 🙂

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