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These poor winemakers,
they don’t have any control over what you put
their beautiful wines in. I got you. In music, if you could have
the greatest music, but if you have a bad speaker,
it’s terrible. Exactly. So, we create tools that are
loudspeakers for wine that speak to
all of your senses. Ready for sound? Yeah.
Okay. So, when we toast,
it’s belly to belly. [ Clink echoes ] Whoa.
Now put it to your ear. [ Screaming ] That’s cool.
Isn’t that crazy? One more time.
One more time.
Okay. Okay. Absolutely.
[ Clink echoes ] [ Screaming ] One more time. Typically, the wines —
if they’re a little bit more dense and a little bit
higher in alcohol, they tend to have
a little slower stream of legs. That’s what — the slower stream
means more alcohol. Yes.
Generally speaking. And viscosity in the wine. Wine is serious.
This is deep. It is serious.
This is mad. This is deep.
Wine is so fun. Oh, my God.
It’s so fun. And when you mix the glass
we’re in, it takes it
to a whole new level. We have these amazing pieces
in front of us here, these decanters. -Yes.
-And they’re all hand-blown. They look like animals. Like, this could be a snake,
a duck, or… Exactly. And our owner, 11th-generation
Maximilian Riedel, he is responsible
for these designs. This was one of his
very first designs. So we pour it
into the decanter… That’s cool right here. Following this nice, long journey down the neck
of the decanter.
Look at that. It’s beautiful to look at,
right? How much do it be costing
like that? How much this cost right —
So, this is also handmade. If it’s handmade,
if it has gold on it, it’s about to be
a pretty nice ticket, so — Dollar signs, yes. So, this is about $500.
Okay. It comes with a DVD that shows you how to use
the decanter as well. Because what would happen if
you tried to use the decanter, pour your friend
or your father a glass of wine, and nothing comes out.
Oh. So, originally they thought
maybe a design flaw. No.
It’s genius. By turning the decanter,
you charge the wine. Do you hear that? You charge the wine, you push
pure oxygen into the wine, and then load
the second chamber. So, there’s two chambers
in this decanter. You’re then pre-loading a pour
of a few ounces, which is a perfect pour.
That’s crazy, man.
That’s crazy. That’s what loaded in there —
a perfect four? -Yep.
-That’s cool as… Do you want to try it? Hell yeah.
Okay. I got it full loaded. I got it full loaded. Beautiful.
I love this. It’s easy.
It’s easy. So, okay. What is decanting? What is —
I mean, what is that? So, it’s actually gonna
soften the tannins in wine, so it’s gonna make it
a little bit softer…
Okay. …a little bit
more pleasant. It also kind of releases
that caged-up CO2 that’s been hanging out
in the bottle. 10-4. This is Mamba, and Mamba
also has two chambers. You out the wine into the
decanter, obviously, here, and then you push the wine into
the back part of the decanter, and then you drop it,
kind of like it’s hot. Go, Anne. -Absolutely.
-Alright, last but not least, how much is this big sucker
right here? That is
a $2,000 decanter. That’s —
$2,000? $2,000. This is, like,
the bomb diggity decanter. This is for the big parties. You’re bringing out the big,
three-liter bottles of wine. Other way. Exactly.
Yep. It’s very — you look very good
with this decanter. ♪♪ This one you can play. You can blow it. For real?
You can — yeah. You can blow.
You can blow this? Yeah. It comes with a DVD. ♪♪ [ Horns play ] ♪♪ [ Blows ] Yeah,
a little bit more pursed. Maybe there needs to be —
They gonna make it
make noise, Yeah, of course. On the TV, they gonna
make it sound good. And it can be played with
or without wine in it, is really cool.
It’s kind of a fun feature. So, when it has wine in it,
it has a little different tone. [ Jazz music plays ] ♪♪ ♪♪

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